Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wow! Long break for me.


Hellooo! Gosh soo much stuff has happened since our last blogs, I have to wonder where to start. Christmas was great! Thank you for the hospitality. As you know my youngest was sick our entire visit home that week. Not only did I feel extremely bad for her, but I was the single parent caring for her round-the-clock! Boy was I exhausted when we made it back to our state. Add that to another week of visiting(and all the cleaning and laundry requirements), and I could barely move on Monday the fifth. Yeah 2009! Poop!

Let's just say my year started out crappy! My husband and I fought on our fist night out together in almost two months. He forgot to tell me happy birthday on my birthday. Until you reminded him! Then he forgot to get me a present. Oh yeah, you helped with that too! My birthday dinner was pizza( yuckie ) and no stinkin cake! I know. That's not so bad when your as old as we are. I did have my babies and my husband together and that is all that really matters. It just kind of added up after doing all the holiday stuff and taking care of the kids by myself. Hold on though because that's not even the best part of my month so far.

Tonight was supposed to be my birthday dinner with; his grandma, his sister and her family, and his dad and stepmother. To make a long story short, he and his sister had an argument about going because of snow fall and he yells at her. I get his irate side and decide I should call her and calm things down. Bad idea when she really doesn't like me anyway. Yes, apparently I am to blame! It is my fault because it is my birthday. Almost an actual quote there. Why, I ask, doesn't anyone in that family (besides grandma) call me? They all call him when he's at work to try to make plans for our family. It has been ten freakin years!! Their excuse is that I don't answer the phone. True, most of the time. I have better things to do than chat all day. But if you call and leave a message I will call you back. Truly! That's even what voice-mail messages say for crying out loud.

Well, it has finally happened. After tonight, and the way I was treated( and then hung up on) he is over it as well. I really don't think it will be a pretty couple of months to come. I feel very sorry that this happened. That is why I called his sis in the first place. To maybe apologize for him being harsh with her and explain why he was frustrated. But I can't continue to be at fault when I haven't been given a chance.

Love and OMG! In-laws! Hildi

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