Sunday, February 28, 2010

Really? I mean REALLY??!

Okay, so I obviously know that this was not the point of your post, but you and Jerome did not fight at all during your vacation?? Sorry, my mind just couldn't grasp this concept, like at all. Like I woke up in the night going "they didn't fight? what??". So you're definitely going to have to elaborate on that phenomenon. Enquiring minds want to know, yo.

I'm very sorry for that most traumatic sight on your way through NC. You know I absolutely bawled reading the blog. I'm the kind of person who has to turn off the TV or change channels when those darn RSPCA or Humane Society commercials come on. I would have a bazillion more cats and dogs and cougars if I had my way. Because eight cats and one dog is not enough when there are so many more who need love. Thankfully, I don't have the visual to go along with your story so I am not as traumatized. Larry wants to know why the hell Jerome didn't just tell you a lie so you didn't get so upset. It's for sure what he would have done with me. The rest of my family completely concurs.

I am very glad though that you guys also had a good time and are safe and sound. And that the 'rents made it back safe and sound. And that you blogged. And commented. Look at you rockin the blogland!

I think there's always a little letdown when you return from vacation. A little "hmph so this my life" kind of feeling. A few days of re-settling in. But life is quickly back to what passes for normal and it's time to anticipate the next adventure. Because girl, you are hooked now!

So I this the year you come to Illinois for Easter?

hugs & heartfelt understanding,

Friday, February 26, 2010

Back to the snow!

My family and I had such a good time on vacation, that I really didn't want to come home. Usually no matter where we go I am ready to come home. I miss the cats, my friends and my house. Not so this time. Was it the very cold weather I knew we were heading back to, or the fact that we( Jerome and I) didn't fight at all? I'm not sure it was either of those things completely. This time I just felt new. You might be thinking I've finally lost all the sandwiches in my picnic basket! Something inside me took a deep breath and woke up for the first time in a long time. No, I don't want to move to Myrtle Beach. Or even South Carolina in general. Lovely though it is. I think sometimes in life you just lust after a new and fresh beginning. Not without my family, but with them. My state is lovely also, and I truly like the town we live in. The surrounding area is full of things to see and do for all of us. This vacation reminded me of how much is OUT THERE. So many places to see outside my state.
I also learned that the beauty God laid down around us is tainted with death. The number of animals that lose their lives along our highways is staggering. What's worse is the ones that suffer. I witnessed something on the way to Ashville, NC that will stay with me throughout my days. We were just cresting one of the never-ending rises in the mountains, and there it was. A dog in the road. At first I didn't understand. I thought it was stuck in the middle of two lanes, because it was scared of traffic. As we passed I made a comment about how awful that was. My husband looked over at me and I caught the look in his eyes. I asked if the dog was ok. He said no. I started babbling about it just being frightened, but by then I new what horror I had witnessed and hadn't processed yet. He told me that it's lower half was not ok. I understood, but I fought it like you do with all tragic news. The kids were merrily going on about there movie and car games in the back and my husband was looking at me with sad, understanding eyes. On a sob, a very quiet sob, I asked if we could help it. He told me that he just didn't know who to call or exactly where we were. As I silently cried, my heart bleeding for this animal, I wanted to be mad at him. I was mad. How long had it been there like that? How many locals had just skirted around it? I was very mad. Mad at the injustice of it all. But I knew that he was feeling these things too and fighting his sorrow along with me. I must have cried for twenty minutes or more. It's always harder to stop when he takes my hand. The whole time I was quiet for my kids sake. There was no way I could expose them to that. The time will come soon enough when they face death and suffering in their lives. Could we have done something? I truly don't know. As if in punishment for not trying, that poor animal's face will be burned in my heart and mind forever.
I'm sorry for sharing this story. I have held onto it for almost two weeks now and I thought this might help take the edge off. I won't ever forget, but maybe it will fade around the edges.

Snow and sadness, Hildi.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

So says you...

I'm pretty sure my memories are more accurate. But we'll agree to disagree for now. I know poor little Pru was sick on Monday. And then Patience on Tuesday right? School phone call is what ended our chat, yes? I used to feel so bad when I had to pick one up from school sick. Like I should've known they were sick that morning and kept them home. The things we come up with to make ourselves feel guilty! As though motherhood doesn't involve enough guilt.

I'm so ready for vacation and then not ready for it. I seem to have caught the February "blahs". I just seem to be having trouble getting my act together. Part of it is the medicine seeming to lose it's effect and my health going downhill because of it. Some of it is just pure "blah". Right now, I should be packing for the trip and yet I can't get motivated. Which means tomorrow I'll be running around like a chicken with my head cut off before hopping in the car for a 16 hour jaunt with two teenagers. Oh my word! Look at what I've just said...truly, I think I've lost my mind. And if I haven't, I'm pretty sure somewhere in the next 48 hours it will fly the coop. At least if I make it to Myrtle sanity intact, I'll have a week to rejuvenate. That is if I can stop obsessing about all the things I should be doing back home.

If nothing else, there will be some delicious seafood to eat. And some sun to soak up. And did someone say shopping??! Now where did I put that checkbook...

Insane & (almost) on the road,

PS- see you in sunny South Carolina! Last one there is a rotten egg! Oh wait...that's going to be you. Haha! I win! =]

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ha! Lies!

Of course you would remember it that way. We younger siblings always get the "bratty-wrap". I seem to remember plenty of times you just felt the need to throw your weight around. Oh, the abuse my poor little body took! The only good that came from such confrontations is that I learned how to hit very hard. Too bad I no longer have anyone to hit. And it was a lid mark darling. Lid mark!
My addiction to the Internet only lasted a couple of months. Waiting for gratification has never appealed to me. I want my jollies now. Oh my, I am the little sister! Anyway I have finished all unread books in my house and I have not gotten another. Take that demons! Wish me good luck, and be prepared for nonsensical ramblings on this blog.
My youngest was sick yesterday, so today is my Monday. Hmmm. Where to start? Laundry, always a safe bet. Then the task of a whole-house clean. Gosh. Your right, Gert. Life without books is going to be super sweet! By the way, it's very unquiet in here!

Jammies and rubber gloves, Hildi