Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy dance...

Yes it was good news and I would do the happy dance if my stomach didn't still hurt so badly! Guess that's what happens when it's slashed open and re-sewn. Not pretty in any sense of the word. But the ginormous cyst is gone as is the threat of "C". Everything came back benign. Guess you're stuck with me for a while longer! The down side is now no one gets to dye their hair outrageously! Okay...i still might. I mean really, one thing this taught me is you just never know how much time is left. So if I want purple hair...who's to say no?!

I am way excited about vacation. Printed out mapquest directions for everyone today. Emailed you and dad grocery lists. I will not pack til Wednesday...but my best advice is lists. I make a list of everything that needs packed and cross off as I go. This has been most effective. The good news is...should you forget something, chances are either mom or I will have it. If is right down the road (conveniently located across from books-a-million). But yes...just remember in your flurry of preparations that in one short week from now, you will be dipping those toesies in the ocean. And sipping refreshing beverages on the balcony of our penthouse suite! And eating fresh seafood! Okay...I'm really excited now!

Talked to Lulu today. They have returned to Iowa from Texas. She had a blast in Texas. Loved camping on San Padre Island. Loved San Antonio. And loved Kent's aunt & uncle and their ranch. She will be coming here on Wednesday. Just enough time to pack, get a blood test for her ITP, and a pedicure. Lol. Oh to have her life!

As for you and Jerome....Larry and I really stopped spending our leisure time together several years ago. We try occasionally to do something together...well there's always the obligatory dinners for his work...but it's not usually a lot of fun. So we go our separate ways. Not that he has much of what you'd call leisure time. He works mostly. And then he hunts. Which I want no part of. What kills me is when he gets upset that I made plans without him. Are you serious? Why would I sit around and wait for you to have two minutes of time for me? Or make plans with you that I then have to cancel because something came up with your job? Or listen to you whine about whatever I have planned because it's not what you would have chosen? Yep. That's why I have children and friends. So I have someone to do stuff with!

Well dear heart...don't wear yourself out packing!

Love, suitcases & travel plans,


Friday, August 14, 2009

Good news

As the good news is yours to share, I shall only say congrats! I have to admit that this is some of the best news I've had in a while, so I can only imagine how you must feel. Of course finding out my friend is alright late last month was great too. My advice to you is to live your life like there is no tomorrow anyway. And if you can do that tell me how!
We are getting very excited about vacation here at my house. In fact I will probably be packing our bags next week! Yes, I know we have a little more than two weeks to go, but I have to be organized or I'll forget something. Who am I kidding? I'll still probably forget something. That's okay though, because we shall all have a marvelous time.
Other than that, things have been pretty boring. We got all the school supplies and are preparing for the return! Jerome and I are not great, but then everyday can't be bliss. He and I really don't enjoy doing the same things when we get the opportunity to spend an evening together. I like to go to my favorite sports bar and play pool or shuffle-board. I am more than happy to putt-putt or bowl. My husband wants to eat and fall asleep in the movie theater. Hum....sounds like what he does at home! However my loving and thoughtful husband is raring to go do anything when he's accompanying his friends. That leaves us back at square one. I don't want him to ruin my nights out with complaining and he would rather sleep then do something with me. Guess it's better to go our separate ways. We'll return to him having a night and me having a night and passing eachother at home. Such is life.
I really miss you guys. Having you here was fun. I think that's what will make vacation so much fun. We'll all be together.

Vacations and exclamations...Hildi

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Home again...

Ah Hildi! Or was that Ms. Weenie? Haha. You leave my friends from another dimension out of this! Oh yes...that is definitely why we are going to the prison next be scared poopless! And yes...laughing at you does provide some entertainment as well! And it is indeed a scary place. As demonstrated by the fact that it has been on not only "America's Scariest Places" but also "Ghosthunters" as well. (Love you Jason & Grant!!!). It will indeed be a good time.

Speaking of good times...I had a great one at your house! Sorry my little friend (who will soon be surgically removed) reared his ugly head and spoiled Thursday. I'm not a big fan of surgery, but if it will get rid of the pain I will be a happy girl. But the rest of it was fun. Oh...and even in pain...I beat you at mini golf!!! Sorry...just had to rub that in. It's a big sister thing. Of course, we both know, had it been pool we had been would have wiped the floor with me. =]

And planning the menu for the myrtle beach vacay was even fun. Don't you love my little game of "I can do that grocery list in blank amount of $"?! I play it every time I go to the grocery store. If you're going to be poor...why not make a game of it?! Lol. Kind of like Lulu's boyfriend telling me how he bought them a dresser at salvation army for $16. Not because he has too...geez Lulu could buy them 3 dressers from Ethan Allen if she wanted to...but just because he can. Gotta love a thrifty guy. Especially as it balances out her shopaholic-ness! Speaking of which...we watched "Confessions of a Shopaholic" last night. It was cute! Lulu bought the book and is going to read it. I will ask for her review for book notes!

And to answer the question about Jethro...yep. Still interested. They text alot. And I think there is a double date brewing with Lulu and Kent on Monday night maybe? Omg. His first real date. How cute is that? I do indeed feel old.

wrinkles & gray hair,

Sunday, August 2, 2009

I prefer, Mrs. Weenie.

I don't care for your name calling. Yes, I'll admit, I'm scared of ghosts and ghouls and things that go bump in the night. Maybe because I never played with them as a child, like others I could mention. You know who you are. (cough, Gert) In my list I was trying to say that I don't want to see any here. As in, home! I am going to the prison next year so I can be as scared as the rest of you. Probably more so. After all, I usually am. But, I ask you, isn't that the reason we all go to these things? To be scared poopless? If not why would we go? So I will take the weenie brand you have given me and I will wear it as the badge of frivolity. As you surely intended. I am positive that I will have the most fun and provide it for you all!
I really hate to hear of Jethro's conquests. It makes me feel truly old. It also reminds me that my little ones will be there someday and that really scares me! I am glad he found a good girl though. They are soo hard to find! Will he still be interested when she goes back to her town and it requires more of an effort?
Your just freakin me out with the twitter!

Vacation, Yay! Gosh I hate to see the school year start, but it means we get to go on vacation! Quite the conundrum. I just hope we really get to go. It will be a very good time, had by all. I know my girls are looking forward to it almost as much as I am.
As you said, I will be seeing you very soon now. Tomorrow! I will check out for now and be back when our week is over.

Mrs.Weenie, Hildi

Saturday, August 1, 2009

gert...giggling =]

I really enjoyed reading your post and I will help you put it on Facebook for sure.'m gonna laugh at you here....scared to see a ghost?! You weenie! What the heck are we spending the night at the haunted prison if not to see a ghost!? Hahaha. Oh my. Sorry but that's just funny. I also think it's enormously amusing that cooking is on my list of things I do well and on yours as things you don't do well. And pool is exactly the opposite. I guess they divided those genes as unevenly as they did the fat ones. It's like a 90/10 split. I think everything should have been 50/50. Lol.

So...twitter. Wow. Still not addicted but it does kind of grow on you. I just enjoy thinking up funny things to say in 140 characters or less. And I have 5 complete strangers following my tweets. weird. I mean I'm at least following famous people...not, well, people like me.

I paid the last of the money towards the Myrtle Beach condo rental today!!! Yay! In 28 days we will be standing on that penthouse balcony looking at an amazing view of the ocean, feeling the salty breeze, and getting ready to feast on some seafood. I can only say "bring it on!!!" If anyone ever needed a vacay it's us. What a crappy month last month was. Here's to August being better and moving swiftly towards family vacation. Of course I'm going to have that surgery mid month and spend several days in a painkiller induced haze. lol.

Jethro has a girlfriend! Okay, so officially I believe they are "talking" which, if I understand correctly is a prelude to "dating". I think they have to keep things on the down low because of her best friend also liking him and her cousin. But I really like the girl. She's wholesome and sweet. It's just so odd to think of my baby dating. I mean Lulu had been dating for 3 years by the time she was his age. But she was boy crazy from the get go (NO idea where she gets that!). And he has always thought dating required way to much time, energy and cash. Smart boy. So I guess if he's willing to change his 'tude, he must really like her. Yes I will send you pics. lol.

Well, I'm off to eat some jimmy johns and watch some scary movies with Jethro. Can't believe how much I missed hanging out with him! Lulu...well we are having some issues. But the good news, Hildi dear, is that in two days I will be at your house! See you then!

summer road trips rock my socks,