Monday, November 9, 2009

Why this is not the funny post I intended. Or why it's all Larry's fault.

So the previous post was deleted. It was funny too. But apparently Larry could get into trouble. I told him next time he does something he shouldn't, he should probably give me strict instructions on not blogging it. The conversation went much like this:

Me: so that one thing, that was totally okay, right?

Larry: No, I didn't exactly go about it right. I should have made a call first and gotten permission beforehand. Not after the fact.

Me: Um. So you could possibly get in trouble if someone say blogged about it for the whole world to see?

Larry: YOU WHAT??!

Me: I think you need to learn to be a little clearer about what you don't want me to blog.

Larry: Well why would you blog that anyway?

Me: Duh, because that sh*t was funny!! And my readers like the funny!! They deserve the funny!!

Jethro: You know you're not like some investigative journalist delivering the unvarnished truth to your readers, right? You're just a blogger.

Me: *stamping my foot and throwing my hands up in the air* I get no respect!

Me: And frankly Larry, I'm a little disturbed by your utter lack of conscience and blatant disregard for the law. Next time, please mention that before I blog. I'll go delete it so you don't get arrested or anything but I.Am.Not.Happy.

Larry: I wouldn't get arrested. A fine, maybe. I'm sorry I screwed up your post.

Me: *sniffing and walking off* whatever.

And should totally blame Larry for this not being the incredibly funny post about him looking like Elmer Fudd. Because it's all his fault.



  1. Hee hee ... your previous post does not delete from google reader :)

    Vewy funny. Quite a visual you painted there.

  2. I was wondering what was wrong with puter this morning. I tried to pull up that post and it said it didn't exsist, but yet it pulled up this one. I was confused, thanks for not making me have to dig for the problem.

    Well it may have not be AS funny as Elmer Fudd, but it was still funny. LOL

    My hubby has gotten to where he says "don't blog this". Which makes me want even more!

  3. Danica~ for heaven's sake, do not tell him that! I'll never hear the end of it! It was funny though.

    Heather~ Not your puter at all! Glad it was still funny. Yes, they need to know when to say that! Otherwise, it's all fair game. Lol.



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