Sunday, January 10, 2010

Because I said so...that's why...

Okay, so I did it. I uttered those words that I'd promised myself absolutely eons ago when I was young that I would never ever ever say. Because really? It's not a reason. It's a justification. It's an abuse of power. It's just wrong. And frustrating if you're on the receiving end. And up to this point in my parenting career, I have rarely ever fallen back on this once famous stand-by.

So picture me the other night walking into my kitchen to start preparing dinner (because heaven forbid anyone else do it) and I notice that the sink is full of dishes. So call me OCD, call me weird, whatever, I cannot cook in a kitchen where there are already dirty dishes hiding the sink. So I called for Jethro to come unload the dishwasher so that I could reload before I started cooking. I also realize that the venison steaks I removed from the freezer have not thawed out. Not. one. bit.

I take them in hand to Larry, who's sitting in his office.

Me: These steaks are rock hard!! They didn't thaw out at all. They've been out all day!! What does this say about the temperature in this house??

Larry: (takes the wrapped bundle of steaks from my outstretched hand) um. Well this corners a little squishy.

Me: oh well lovely. I'll just cut off that corner and serve it to you. Because that's going to feed us all!

Jethro: maybe someone should just go get a pizza.

Me: I told you I have no money. (I may or may not have shrieked this)

Jethro: okay, calm down. (backing away with his hands out as though I'm a panther about to pounce)

Me: (calmer) No. You don't understand. Usually when I say I have no money, I mean I just don't want to spend what I have. This time I literally have no money. So I have to cook. I guess I'll try defrosting them in the microwave.

So I throw the package in the microwave and hit defrost. It's then that I notice that the bottom cabinet doors are half shut. I go to try and shut them. No deal. The pots, pans, roasters, cake pans and cookie sheets are wedged in there in such a way that the cabinet doors cannot shut. Why am I the only one who finds this unacceptable? When Larry or Jethro put dishes away they just shove them in and hope the door shuts. As I'm already slightly pissy (definitely pms-ing) this just really chaps my hide. So I say to Jethro~

Me: For the love of Bob!! Could you not at least put the dishes away so the cabinet closes?

Jethro: No. Because some moron dug out the big roaster which he then did not even use and now nothing fits in there right.

Me: Um so maybe you could rearrange things? (Is this rocket science? Because it seems obvious to me!)

Jethro: Right now?! While you're trying to cook?

Me: Yes! It's tipping my scales towards crazy and I really want it resolved.

Jethro: Seriously? Right now you want me to drag out all the pans, make a huge mess and rearrange them?

Me: (sighing inwardly) No. Oh hell no! Why would I ask you or your father to correct anything you've done just to suit me? What am I thinking?

Jethro: I just don't see why it's such a big deal and has to be done right now.

Me: (thinking to myself Because it's important to me But then I open my mouth and out they come, those dreaded words...) Because I said so, that's why

To set the record straight...Jethro did not then instantly snap to attention and do what I'd ask. He gave me the "you've finally lost it look" and I told him to just go, do whatever it was he'd been doing. Then I sat on the floor and rearranged my cabinet. Then I shut the cabinet doors. And yes, I felt better. Oh, and the steaks defrosted enough to cook and dinner was delish.

Really?! Is it just me?


  1. No maam, it is not just you! I was also having the same issue with the pot/pans cabinet. I'm beginning to think it might need a rocket scientist after all. I throughly hate that cabinet and it pisses me off all the time! Seems like there just has to be a better way to putting the pots/pans away.

    I can't believe you have gone this long without saying that phrase, my mom said like 20 times a day. Still, it never got her anywhere either.

  2. My all time favorite saying (that I swore I would NEVER say ... but say all the time) is ...

    Do ya want me to come over there and GIVE you something to cry about?!

    and no ... it isn't just you.

  3. Yes, I am guilty of saying because I said so. I had vowed I'd never say my mother's favorite phrase. Epic parent failure? So what's new! When I want something doen, I want it done yesterday, and usually end up doing it myself too because I can't wait for anyone else to fit it into their schedule!

  4. Heather~ thankfully, the cabinet has stayed nicely arranged since I fixed it. I think they might be a tad afraid of me...

    Danica~ Oh gosh! That was my dad's all time favorite. I have never said that. However I am guilty of "Stop that crying right now!" Even though I know that's impossible.

    Suzicate~ I'm the same way. Most stuff I do myself because quite frankly, it's not worth the hassle of trying to get someone else to do. They wouldn't do it the way I want it done anyhow. *sigh*


  5. I have an award waiting for you over at my place.


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