Sunday, January 31, 2010

Chapsticks don't have teeth...

Oh Hildi dear! I can't believe you are still pitching that story about the chapstick. I suppose you will tell that lie til the day you die. Face facts- you bit me on the ass. I had the teeth marks to prove it!! I can't believe you're still perpetuating that story about poking me. I think you've blocked the truth from your mind. Like a serial killer who blacks out and comes to with blood on his hands and no idea how it got there!

And frankly, I don't remember the tooth-paste incident. Therefore, it never happened. And if it must've deserved it. You were kind of a brat.

But I'm totally here for you with your addiction. I understand the lure of the printed word. Those books entice with their glossy covers and come hither synopses. Their pull is strong! And you think a page or two will suffice, but two hours later you come up for air only to find that the meatloaf is burned, your youngest has fallen asleep on the potty (waiting for you to wipe their bum) and your husband is due home any minute!! True story. But there is help girl. I'm a survivor. I limit my reading time to after I've crawled into bed. Or anytime I'm forced to wait in public (doctors office, DMV, killing time before picking up a kid). Or I'm done with all daily chores and manage to squeeze out a few minutes for myself. Which happens so infrequently I probably didn't even need to mention it.

Now, if I could just get a handle on my internet addiction...facebook, bejewelled, blogging, much to do, so little time.

trading one for the other,


  1. Do I detect a tell-all sisterly battle coming on? This could get fun! I really don't know which is more addictive books or internet...I go in spurts!

  2. LOL! Yall are too funny!

    So far no addiction has compared to the draw the internet has on me, right now.


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