Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Must be fairy dust?

I do not lie. Well, not about this one at least. We had no arguments. No fights. No hurt feelings. What the hell? I don't know about other married couples, but before we road trip or anyone comes to visit us, we make a deal not to fight. It's a little agreement I like to call the "Let's get along" pact. Usually it doesn't work. I mean come on. We're still us, only under traveling stress and cranky kid stress. Who wouldn't fight? This time those words were like magic. I think the road tragedy the first day actually helped. You know how some of us pull together when life dishes up something tragic. We even faced a bad directions crisis that first evening finding our hotel. We were a little short with each other during that, but when we were on the right road again all was forgotten and laughter was heard.
I would love to say it was because he wasn't whiny, or cranky, or demanding. I think that's true. However as it always takes two to argue I must have been even more perfect than usual. Ha ha! It had to be an effort on both our parts, but it didn't feel like it. It truly was a good time had by all. I always feel a little let down after company or vacations, but this time I think our getting along made coming home worse somehow. Seriously, we weren't back but a day when the nastiness began. We really have not been getting on very well this last week. Ok, before vacation we were having a lot of problems too. La de da! Life goes on. I have suggested counseling in the past and that was poo-pooed. I finally told him on Sunday morning before church( ok so I'm still a bitch sometimes) that I was done. I quit. Give me my last paycheck and hire a replacement, because I no work here no more.
I was really tired and pissed. He said he'd do anything to change my mind. Guess who's going to Ballroom Dancing lessons? Oh, I don't know if that's what it will be, but we will be doing something together to strengthen us. Because as serious as I was when I quit, I love that guy. He's the father of my babies and he loves me even when I'm at my worst.

Where's that damn fairy with the dust? Hildi.


  1. Ballroom dancing? Now that is love. Marriage is work, and finding someone who loves us at our worst is worth working it out! I wish I knew a little dancing cliche to throw in here but I'm having a brain fart, sorry! A little arguing adds spice to life says the sassy one over here.

  2. When you get some fairy dust send it my way. I think this time of year with weather and stress makes even the best of relationships strained.

  3. Well I'm just glad you had a great trip.

    I'm really starting to think hubby and I are not normal! LOL!


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