Sunday, February 28, 2010

Really? I mean REALLY??!

Okay, so I obviously know that this was not the point of your post, but you and Jerome did not fight at all during your vacation?? Sorry, my mind just couldn't grasp this concept, like at all. Like I woke up in the night going "they didn't fight? what??". So you're definitely going to have to elaborate on that phenomenon. Enquiring minds want to know, yo.

I'm very sorry for that most traumatic sight on your way through NC. You know I absolutely bawled reading the blog. I'm the kind of person who has to turn off the TV or change channels when those darn RSPCA or Humane Society commercials come on. I would have a bazillion more cats and dogs and cougars if I had my way. Because eight cats and one dog is not enough when there are so many more who need love. Thankfully, I don't have the visual to go along with your story so I am not as traumatized. Larry wants to know why the hell Jerome didn't just tell you a lie so you didn't get so upset. It's for sure what he would have done with me. The rest of my family completely concurs.

I am very glad though that you guys also had a good time and are safe and sound. And that the 'rents made it back safe and sound. And that you blogged. And commented. Look at you rockin the blogland!

I think there's always a little letdown when you return from vacation. A little "hmph so this my life" kind of feeling. A few days of re-settling in. But life is quickly back to what passes for normal and it's time to anticipate the next adventure. Because girl, you are hooked now!

So I this the year you come to Illinois for Easter?

hugs & heartfelt understanding,

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  1. It is fabulous that they didn't fight. Hubby and I haven't fought in years, it amazes me what kind of things folks fight about.

    Yes I was in tears too!

    8 cats! I can barely handle the two I have! LOL!


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