Friday, July 23, 2010

Ah, Kids!

I seem to have more children than I originally started out with! Maybe you'd like to trade? I could use the kind that can get their own damn juice and snacks! I could also use the kind that don't whine to me every twenty minutes of the day that they're bored! Really? Bored? That's funny,(not anymore)because I thought you had a brand new Wii, new bikes and more toys than some small European countries! It's at this point in the tirade in my mind that I want to Yell about how rough we had it as children. You know,"Up a hill both ways and all)! Then it hits me what a great time I had being a kid and playing with my friends. Our imaginations used to take us on some wild adventures! I wonder why kids are so different today and I suppose it's the aforementioned games and toys that have culminated in the demise of wondrous imaginings and innocent play. Well. Guess I'll go get that juice and take a shot of guilt while I'm at it!
The truth is no matter what faults our children have, we are partly to blame for some of them. Of course age and faze factor in as well. Your teenagers are a tiny bit selfish here and there. My younger ones expect to be entertained by something or someone. Did we not contribute by always doing for them? Even when perhaps they should have done for themselves? Yes, we did. That's what mommies do. The good part is, that all of them are actually great kids! They are usually caring, trustworthy, responsible and smart. Yes, they have their moments, but I would worry if they didn't. I've found that good kids are kind of hard to come by these days. So after my shot of guilt( and kicking them out the door to play) I shall have a glass of "Pat on the back". You should too!

A little buzzy after all that, Hildi

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  1. I know when my grandsons are here, they are full of imagination. I have a small drawer with toys in it and the tv is usually turned off. If we can't have fun with the toys anymore it is time to go outside and find us some bugs to be amazed over.

    Kids do have way too many vices avaiable to them nowadays. It really makes it harder to get them to use their imaginations.

    Kudos and pat on the back for managing to raise great kids!


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