Monday, July 26, 2010

*Le Sigh* (that's sigh in french)

It's one of those days where nothing is going right. You know the ones I'm talking about?? And I can tell myself that part of it is the PMS hormones raging through my body currently but I can't keep myself from feeling it.

I suppose I get myself into these situations. Maybe I expect too much of people. I hold everyone up to the standards that I try to achieve and invariably I get let down. My personal philosophy is to try to learn something from every experience, but especially the bad ones. I mean if you don't, what are you left with? If you don't at least take away a lesson, then all you've had is some bad luck and suckiness. And if you take away the lesson, what's the point in not putting it into practice? I do. And yet, I guess others don't. And maybe it's unfair of me to expect them too.

Whoever it was that said "the more things change, the more things stay the same" sure had the right of it. I wonder if they'd been recently let down too? I know this is probably the most confusing post ever, but I had to get that out.

Going to Springfield this evening, after my knee MRI. We're having dinner with the 'rents at Texas Roadhouse and picking up CJ for a couple of days. Pretty excited about that!

And yes, we do have pretty good kids. =]

big heartfelt sighs,

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  1. Sorry you are having a bummed out time. Hope it gets better or at least shoved way back in your mind.


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