Saturday, July 17, 2010

I was excited for what exactly??

You know how we always talk about how we wait for our husbands to come home from work, anticipate their arrival eagerly, and then within five minutes of them walking in the door..they say something dumb and you want them to leave again? Guess what? It works the same with kids!! I know, I was totally flabbergasted too. I was really looking forward to Lulu and Jethro coming home from camp last night. I couldn't wait to hear their camp stories and eat dinner together and just bask in our family togetherness. I really do miss them during the week. Bubba was home too. Finally, a family night. Sceech! Hold that thought. So the kids get here earlier than expected, and as you know, I was on the phone with you. I was sitting in the family room. Well, the next thing I know Jethro is drinking my drink and eating my pistachios. Then he downs his father's drink that is sitting on the bookcase. Then Bubba comes in and takes over the computer and they have a loud conversation while I'm trying to hear you. Then Lulu storms in with a piece of mail demanding to know why she got it as though it's my fault somehow?! Sweet bejeezus! I got up, gave them all dirty looks and locked myself in my bathroom so we could continue our conversation. Unbelievable. So much for my family togetherness.

I'd love to say it got better from there but not so much. Bubba left while I was in the bathroom and missed dinner. The other two were just sassy all night (camp always does this to them). At one point, I looked at Larry and mouthed silently "Is is Sunday yet?" I feel lucky to have survived the night without killing anyone. Now I guess I have to get through today. And the mountain of stinky laundry they brought with them. Oh joy.

We were watching a movie the other night and the teenage son in it screamed at his mother "I can't wait to get the bleep out of here!" I looked at Larry and said "Isn't that when parents want to look at their kids and go 'you and me both brat, you and me both'?" While my kids have never actually said those words, they have joked about how they think I want them to live with me forever. WTF? Are they crazy?! Apparently they don't realize that I have a life independent of them and that I really value my privacy and quiet time. I guess it will come as a shock to them to find out that the last few weeks, their Dad and I have percolated along just fine. Quite well in fact.

Ah well, someday they'll get it I guess.

about to tear my hair out,

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