Thursday, September 23, 2010

Vodka!! Cures the world!

My dear Gert, you have nothing to fret about. If you'll recall our esteemed matriarch started the down hill slide before she reached your age. Even if your a late bloomer or the genes for this are weakened and start later with offspring, we are entirely different human beings. There will be no turning to pills or television. There will be no hiding in our rooms all day. As you said, and in my case as well, the children we have begotten just wouldn't hear of it. Besides that fact I can assure you that our answer to the mind boggling issues that grip our mother would be and have been vastly different.
Vodka! Yes, vodka my dear! Why, isn't that the answer to all life's ugly little turns? I do believe I would much rather be soused than doped. Being a happy drunk is indeed more fun than a negative drugy! I think vodka intake is easier to control than pills. Plus I have discovered I can accomplish all sorts of feats when consuming vodka and grapefruit juice. Truly, I am a wicked competitor! Also I think pretty highly of myself when I imbibe. Good for the self esteem you know.
Never fear m'dear, we shall overcome! And our families will only appreciate more our spectacular repartee!

Haunted things and Football games, with Vodka! Hildi

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