Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ha! Lies!

Of course you would remember it that way. We younger siblings always get the "bratty-wrap". I seem to remember plenty of times you just felt the need to throw your weight around. Oh, the abuse my poor little body took! The only good that came from such confrontations is that I learned how to hit very hard. Too bad I no longer have anyone to hit. And it was a lid mark darling. Lid mark!
My addiction to the Internet only lasted a couple of months. Waiting for gratification has never appealed to me. I want my jollies now. Oh my, I am the little sister! Anyway I have finished all unread books in my house and I have not gotten another. Take that demons! Wish me good luck, and be prepared for nonsensical ramblings on this blog.
My youngest was sick yesterday, so today is my Monday. Hmmm. Where to start? Laundry, always a safe bet. Then the task of a whole-house clean. Gosh. Your right, Gert. Life without books is going to be super sweet! By the way, it's very unquiet in here!

Jammies and rubber gloves, Hildi


  1. Ha ha, my sister and I seem to have different views on what went down. I'm the oldest and I get accused of having dementia or something, cause I seem to remember stuff all wrong (so she says)! LOL!

    Glad you came back to blogging. Your just as funny as Gert said.

  2. Funny how the stories vary from sister to sister. I am the baby, too. I got picked on big time...mys sister says I always got her in trouble...I say if she'd left me alone, she wouldn't have gotten into trouble. You two are too funny.


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