Saturday, August 1, 2009

gert...giggling =]

I really enjoyed reading your post and I will help you put it on Facebook for sure.'m gonna laugh at you here....scared to see a ghost?! You weenie! What the heck are we spending the night at the haunted prison if not to see a ghost!? Hahaha. Oh my. Sorry but that's just funny. I also think it's enormously amusing that cooking is on my list of things I do well and on yours as things you don't do well. And pool is exactly the opposite. I guess they divided those genes as unevenly as they did the fat ones. It's like a 90/10 split. I think everything should have been 50/50. Lol.

So...twitter. Wow. Still not addicted but it does kind of grow on you. I just enjoy thinking up funny things to say in 140 characters or less. And I have 5 complete strangers following my tweets. weird. I mean I'm at least following famous people...not, well, people like me.

I paid the last of the money towards the Myrtle Beach condo rental today!!! Yay! In 28 days we will be standing on that penthouse balcony looking at an amazing view of the ocean, feeling the salty breeze, and getting ready to feast on some seafood. I can only say "bring it on!!!" If anyone ever needed a vacay it's us. What a crappy month last month was. Here's to August being better and moving swiftly towards family vacation. Of course I'm going to have that surgery mid month and spend several days in a painkiller induced haze. lol.

Jethro has a girlfriend! Okay, so officially I believe they are "talking" which, if I understand correctly is a prelude to "dating". I think they have to keep things on the down low because of her best friend also liking him and her cousin. But I really like the girl. She's wholesome and sweet. It's just so odd to think of my baby dating. I mean Lulu had been dating for 3 years by the time she was his age. But she was boy crazy from the get go (NO idea where she gets that!). And he has always thought dating required way to much time, energy and cash. Smart boy. So I guess if he's willing to change his 'tude, he must really like her. Yes I will send you pics. lol.

Well, I'm off to eat some jimmy johns and watch some scary movies with Jethro. Can't believe how much I missed hanging out with him! Lulu...well we are having some issues. But the good news, Hildi dear, is that in two days I will be at your house! See you then!

summer road trips rock my socks,

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