Friday, August 14, 2009

Good news

As the good news is yours to share, I shall only say congrats! I have to admit that this is some of the best news I've had in a while, so I can only imagine how you must feel. Of course finding out my friend is alright late last month was great too. My advice to you is to live your life like there is no tomorrow anyway. And if you can do that tell me how!
We are getting very excited about vacation here at my house. In fact I will probably be packing our bags next week! Yes, I know we have a little more than two weeks to go, but I have to be organized or I'll forget something. Who am I kidding? I'll still probably forget something. That's okay though, because we shall all have a marvelous time.
Other than that, things have been pretty boring. We got all the school supplies and are preparing for the return! Jerome and I are not great, but then everyday can't be bliss. He and I really don't enjoy doing the same things when we get the opportunity to spend an evening together. I like to go to my favorite sports bar and play pool or shuffle-board. I am more than happy to putt-putt or bowl. My husband wants to eat and fall asleep in the movie theater. Hum....sounds like what he does at home! However my loving and thoughtful husband is raring to go do anything when he's accompanying his friends. That leaves us back at square one. I don't want him to ruin my nights out with complaining and he would rather sleep then do something with me. Guess it's better to go our separate ways. We'll return to him having a night and me having a night and passing eachother at home. Such is life.
I really miss you guys. Having you here was fun. I think that's what will make vacation so much fun. We'll all be together.

Vacations and exclamations...Hildi

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