Saturday, August 8, 2009

Home again...

Ah Hildi! Or was that Ms. Weenie? Haha. You leave my friends from another dimension out of this! Oh yes...that is definitely why we are going to the prison next be scared poopless! And yes...laughing at you does provide some entertainment as well! And it is indeed a scary place. As demonstrated by the fact that it has been on not only "America's Scariest Places" but also "Ghosthunters" as well. (Love you Jason & Grant!!!). It will indeed be a good time.

Speaking of good times...I had a great one at your house! Sorry my little friend (who will soon be surgically removed) reared his ugly head and spoiled Thursday. I'm not a big fan of surgery, but if it will get rid of the pain I will be a happy girl. But the rest of it was fun. Oh...and even in pain...I beat you at mini golf!!! Sorry...just had to rub that in. It's a big sister thing. Of course, we both know, had it been pool we had been would have wiped the floor with me. =]

And planning the menu for the myrtle beach vacay was even fun. Don't you love my little game of "I can do that grocery list in blank amount of $"?! I play it every time I go to the grocery store. If you're going to be poor...why not make a game of it?! Lol. Kind of like Lulu's boyfriend telling me how he bought them a dresser at salvation army for $16. Not because he has too...geez Lulu could buy them 3 dressers from Ethan Allen if she wanted to...but just because he can. Gotta love a thrifty guy. Especially as it balances out her shopaholic-ness! Speaking of which...we watched "Confessions of a Shopaholic" last night. It was cute! Lulu bought the book and is going to read it. I will ask for her review for book notes!

And to answer the question about Jethro...yep. Still interested. They text alot. And I think there is a double date brewing with Lulu and Kent on Monday night maybe? Omg. His first real date. How cute is that? I do indeed feel old.

wrinkles & gray hair,

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