Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy dance...

Yes it was good news and I would do the happy dance if my stomach didn't still hurt so badly! Guess that's what happens when it's slashed open and re-sewn. Not pretty in any sense of the word. But the ginormous cyst is gone as is the threat of "C". Everything came back benign. Guess you're stuck with me for a while longer! The down side is now no one gets to dye their hair outrageously! Okay...i still might. I mean really, one thing this taught me is you just never know how much time is left. So if I want purple hair...who's to say no?!

I am way excited about vacation. Printed out mapquest directions for everyone today. Emailed you and dad grocery lists. I will not pack til Wednesday...but my best advice is lists. I make a list of everything that needs packed and cross off as I go. This has been most effective. The good news is...should you forget something, chances are either mom or I will have it. If is right down the road (conveniently located across from books-a-million). But yes...just remember in your flurry of preparations that in one short week from now, you will be dipping those toesies in the ocean. And sipping refreshing beverages on the balcony of our penthouse suite! And eating fresh seafood! Okay...I'm really excited now!

Talked to Lulu today. They have returned to Iowa from Texas. She had a blast in Texas. Loved camping on San Padre Island. Loved San Antonio. And loved Kent's aunt & uncle and their ranch. She will be coming here on Wednesday. Just enough time to pack, get a blood test for her ITP, and a pedicure. Lol. Oh to have her life!

As for you and Jerome....Larry and I really stopped spending our leisure time together several years ago. We try occasionally to do something together...well there's always the obligatory dinners for his work...but it's not usually a lot of fun. So we go our separate ways. Not that he has much of what you'd call leisure time. He works mostly. And then he hunts. Which I want no part of. What kills me is when he gets upset that I made plans without him. Are you serious? Why would I sit around and wait for you to have two minutes of time for me? Or make plans with you that I then have to cancel because something came up with your job? Or listen to you whine about whatever I have planned because it's not what you would have chosen? Yep. That's why I have children and friends. So I have someone to do stuff with!

Well dear heart...don't wear yourself out packing!

Love, suitcases & travel plans,


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