Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My List

You'll have to help me put it on facebook, but here it is in all it's(or my) glory!

Five things I'm good at.
1. I'm really good at lying. Really. Now I only use it for good deeds though!
2. Being a mom. I never thought I would be and had not planned on it. I'm not the best, but I'm so thankful I don't suck.
3. I think I'm a very good friend. That's what my friends say, so we'll go with that.
I'm a great listener and support giver.
4. Photographer. I really don't stand out as far as regular family photos go, but give me an ancient house or gorgeous landscape, and I'll give you a work of art.
5. I am pretty good at pool. I used to be in a league. Now I don't get to play as much, but when I have practice I can beat most guys I know.

Five things I'm not good at.(only five?)
1. Cooking. Maybe I could be, but I have no desire to start trying. Just never got that Betty Crocker jean.
2. I will never be good with the computer. I've been taught, shown and lectured about the damn thing and I still can't grasp it.
3.Taking care of myself. It's only just hit me this year that I should be more diligent in taking care of me. I've concentrated so much time and energy on my family that I may have been lax with myself. More vitamins please!
4. Organizing. It is a wonder we find anything and get where we're going half the time. I need one of those personal planners I had in school!
5. Confrontation. Surprise! For anyone who knew me five or more years ago this will come as a shock. Ok, so I used to be a bitch. Straight up, don't care what anyone thinks, tell ya how it is Bitch! Now I let things go and go and go. I hate to bring things up with loved ones especially.

Five quirks or eccentricities.
1. When I have a virtual pet, I go overboard taking care of it because I feel tremendously guilty if I leave it for too long. Weird I know! But I can't handle it if the poor thing is upset when I check on it.
2. My shower routine is more OCD than eccentric, but I think it fits. I have to apply shampoos and soaps at certain intervals or my whole day is thrown off.
3. Rather than cursing(most of the time) I use antique sayings. Such as; Oh my stars, and Stuff and nonsense, and Pshaw! They grow on you and then you can't get rid of them.
4. I am a singer! Not really. I don't sing very well, but I do it all the time. In the car, making dinner, in the shower and cleaning. Not only that but I sing some odd tunes. Like the song from Best Little Whorehouse in Texas! Not the one Whitney Houston ruined. The one all the girls sing with Dolly when they shut her down. Haha!
5. I guess that leads me to movies. I'm a girl, but I hate romantic comedies. I am very eccentric where movies are concerned. I love action, adventure, horror, and comedies. However, I also love old movies, Charles Dickens movies and kids movies. Still not going to watch The Notebook!

Five things I'm afraid of.
1. Becoming my mother. I love her very much, but I don't want to be that bitter. I don't know if she's ever happy and that scares me.
2. Spiders! Oh My Gosh! I can't breath when I see them. They know it too! I swear they come after me on purpose, because They Know!
3. Not getting to say goodbye. I realize we all have to die sometime, but to me, saying goodbye is so important. It's a terrible feeling when you miss that chance.
4. I am terrified of not being close to my girls when they're older. I love them so much and I hope we'll always have an open relationship.
5. Actually seeing a ghost. I love haunted stories and houses. I even plan to stay over-night at a haunted prison. I just really, really don't want to see one here.

Five things I'm grateful for.
1. My children. All the rest of my family and friends as well. I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to love and be loved by.
2.My humor. Without it life wouldn't be so good. Neither would my husband's!
3.Books. I am ever so grateful to the ladies and gentlemen whose talent keeps me sane.
4.Jeans. Seriously, we might still be in corsets or petticoats. Give me a comfy pair of jeans any day!
5. I am truly grateful for my life. Not only the blessings I have been given, but the fact that I'm still here to have them.

Five things that make up my personal philosophy.
1. Karma is something I firmly believe in as well. I have witnessed it and been on the receiving end of both kinds.
2. I believe it's very important to be good to others anyway. Not because your afraid of Karma but because it makes you a better person. I feel like being good to people has done so much for me.
3. Life is to short to stay angry. Of course I still get mad about things, but I don't stay that way for long. And never walk away angry.
4. Courage isn't something we're born with. It's something we achieve only when we face our fears and move on. The courage to live and love is something we should all strive for.
5.Stay positive. It really helps you and it helps those around you. A lot of the time I don't even think I have a glass. But I'm still looking for it so it can be half full.

I hope I covered everything. You probably didn't know I was so weird, did you?!
Love and Eccentricities, Hildi.

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