Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm so over it...

Twitter that is. The experiment is pretty much ended. Really, I just don't see the attraction. I mean it's kind of neat to see what famous people are doing but not that much. Maybe if I'd had friends who "tweeted" it would have been different. Maybe not. But whichever, I'm done. Going to delete the Twitter account and get rid of one more of my computer "time-suckers".

Which brings me to my absolute addiction to Facebook. I know, right? How old am I anyway? And yet I log on everyday (usually 2-3 times per day) to see what my friends have to say, take a silly quiz (or 2, or 5), check out peoples uploaded pics and play yo-ville. Oh my. Can we say addicted? Truly. I admit it. Sadly, there is always something else I should be doing. Cleaning, cooking, laundry, reading, writing...the list goes on. So I'm really going to try to limit this to once a day. The first step to overcoming is admitting you have a problem, right? Hahaha.

As an update...the family vacay went very well! I think a good time was had by all. There were ups and downs but I think the ups far surpassed the downs. And it was the ocean!!! How can you not have a good time at the ocean? We are thinking of heading west next year. But that seems a very long way off!

Right now I'm trying to finish up stuff for birthdays. Lulu turns 18 next week. Irwin turns 19 the week after. Larry has a birthday in October, as does Bubba, and Oscar. Then I would like very much to focus on Christmas. I can't even believe it's so close again! And this year I would like to be done with the presents early! So I want to get a head start.

already with the sugarplums in my head,

(wait...what is a sugarplum anyway?)


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