Thursday, September 17, 2009

Follow me...

We have a new follower! Well maybe not "new", honestly I don't know when she started following us but I just noticed today. I looove being followed. Seriously, I bounced up and down in my chair a little and clapped my hands. "We have a new follower" I said. And Lulu replied "you're adorable". It occurs to me that this may be a condescending thing for an almost 18 year old to say to her mother, but I'm too happy to care. And oddly enough, I think she means it. She really seems quite taken with my eccentricities. She says they make me "me". Whatever, we have a new follower. That makes me feel validated. *extremely silly grin*

So Hildi, um. wtf? Where are you? Because you seem to be slightly AWOL from your blogging duties. I know how addicting facebook is...but um blogging is real. Duh. And I know you're still alive because we were totally texting during Ghost Hunters last night. (Jason & Grant= my total almost celebrity crushes). I hope that since your satellite was on the fritz you got to catch the episode online! I hope you checked out Destination Truth as well like I told you too. Because even Larry will watch it with me and as a bonus, that Josh guy who hosts it is hott. =]

Well, that's it for today kiddies...I'm off to make dinner. You know, before Jethro starves to death. How much can a 16 year old possibly eat anyway? He's like a bottomless pit...and yet never gains a pound. Oh how I envy.

Chicken Parmesan & garlic bread,

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