Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Where did the time go?

Today is Lulu's 18th bday. And she is at her new home. I may cry. It's sooo weird her growing up and all. I mean really. When did that happen? So she was home all last week packing up her room and stuff. It was great having her home. I mostly had her to myself. She did spend some time out with friends and making the rounds. But mostly it was just with me. Then Dexter drove down for the weekend and you would have thought they'd been apart for a year instead of 5 measly days. She saw the car pull up and went flying out the door into his arms. (Yes, I did throw up in my mouth a little). He stayed for the wedding Saturday night and left on Sunday since he had class Monday morning. She had a hematology appointment yesterday morning so she stayed here, then Jethro and I drove her to Ankeny. It's a four hour drive, not too bad. The town they live in is nice. Reminiscent of any suburb of a big city. Their apartment building is new, and really close to the college. It looked secure. And their apartment is nice (aside from the fact that it's on the third floor and there are no elevators!!!). It's not huge but they don't really need that much space. I met the one roommate, Lance, he's super nice and funny. (Totally warned me at dinner that the bite Jethro was about to give me, Jethro had already licked. Jerk! Jethro, not Lance) I didn't meet the other roommate, but got to meet his gf. Dexter and Lulu have the master bedroom, with a walk in closet and private bath. I'm pretty sure it's way nicer then me & Larry's first place. (As evidenced by the lack of red & black shag carpet). They took us out to dinner and then we headed back.

While we were in the car, Jethro regaled me with his hilarious views on everything.

His view on working with his father:

It would be great if he'd actually give instruction before he told you to do something. He sends me to do something and after I start says "that's not how you do that." or "dude, you're totally fucking that up" then tells me how to do it.

His view on me:

It's like when I'm cooking something and I ask you how you know when it's done and you say "um, I don't know. I just do". Well when I think it's done I'll bring it in to you since you obviously have the "holy shit it's done"-o-meter up your ass. Or when I ask you how much spice to put in something and you say "until it looks right". Well I don't know if you know this...but spices are minuscule. They disappear into whatever you're cooking. It looks the f*ing same!!!

Gotta love that kid.

Growing pains & teenage commentary,

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