Saturday, September 19, 2009

I'll keep my ghosts!

Snakes do not bother me. Of course I've never been faced with one in any part of my house before. Your aversion to snakes is rather like my hatred of spiders. They tend to pop up when you least expect them and scare the dickens out of you. Or should I say me? I was cleaning yesterday and had bent down to pick up Prudence's purse from the kitchen floor,(Why would it be anywhere else?)when the big-baddy reached for me! I made that choked cry you make when the scream gets stuck in your throat. To give myself credit though, at least I didn't hyperventilate this time. Did you know that Windex is useful in the destruction of spiders? It is. You need only to use four to five squirts. They seem to know about my overwhelming dislike for them. Truly they never go after anyone else in my family.
Seeing as how I don't have a historical house, I doubt Jason and Grant would come visit. Maybe I could do some research on this area and find out if anything drastic happened here. I would assume though, that it would be common knowledge in these parts. After all, the town I live in is very small. It's not significantly old either. The town was founded around 1814. Okay, so that's pretty old! I shall see what I can find out.
I've always had the feeling it's family members. They joined us after Patience was born and have come and gone since then. Although they haven't gone anywhere for a while. As long as they remain well-behaved and don't ask for too much, my house is there house. It must be very frustrating to be without a place to go.

Haunted and happy, Hildi

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