Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I don't know. I blinked!

Time sure does fly. And you know what? You don't have to be having fun either. Sometimes I feel like my life before children( and husband ) was a past life. I get little snippets of it when I'm watching television or driving. To me it seems surreal that there was ever another Hildi. That girl was carefree and easy to please! Of course she was also irresponsible and selfish, but ah, the good old days! I guess I'm still rather easy to please. Give me a day where there's no major melt-down and ten minutes to myself, and I'm doing pretty good!
I can't imagine having to let go of one of my babies! Talk about depressed! I truly think it's harder for stay-at-home moms to say goodbye when their children move out. It's not that we love our children more. It's because they are actually our lives. I wake up in the morning to get one off to school and the rest of my day is spent doing things with the little one. When the eldest comes home to us, we have dinner and spend our evening together until bedtime. That's pretty much my world. Throw in cheer leading, play dates, and movies. Yep, my kids are my life. So what happens to us when their gone? Where do we focus our love and attention? I know some would say that is the time for our marital relationship to be our focus. Please! Our husbands would suffocate if we transferred all that affection to them. Besides, do we really know them or like them at that point?
I think you should look for something to fulfill you. Maybe a hobby, or a new career option. I know you've got some really great stories that you've written. Heck, start reading tarot cards! The important thing is to do it now before Jethro leaves. I don't want you to suffer any of the empty-nest syndrome stuff! I will call you names, if you start hording nick-knacks or getting an exorbitant amount of cats!

Cat Lady signing out, Hildi!

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  1. Aw! It's sooo true. The time goes by so fast! I remember my youngest being little and ppl saying "Oh, my baby is 20 now" and nodding politely.

    Now, it's happening to ME.

    And yet, I haven't aged a DAY.
    Imagine that.


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