Friday, September 18, 2009

Just call me HB!

As you know, it takes me some time to reacquaint myself with all of my duties upon returning from an absence. Definition of some time is, about a week. Add a few days for prolonged absences. Here we are almost two weeks since returning from Myrtle Beach and I am finally back to HB. Large and in charge! By the way, I have decided to return to the(any) beach.
I know as my sister I have mentioned to you the people who reside upstairs in my home. Everyone who has visited for a night or more has heard them. They walk around and make odd noises. They peek over the landing at the top of the stairs at whomever might be down in the living room. Once, maybe three times, they have also hidden things from me. Of course they usually give the items back. Usually. My husband has recently admitted to catching them peeking from the landing. He only admitted this when we had our experience on Thursday morning. I asked Prudence where her glasses where, and she said they were upstairs on her nightstand. Her father went up to retrieve them, but came back empty handed. A lecture ensued about responsibility. She adamantly insisted the glasses were on the nightstand, so Jerome again checked upstairs. He even went so far as to get on the floor and look around it. He quite specifically put his hand on the nightstand for support getting up. He then returned downstairs glasses-less, and resumed the lecture. After a few tears shed by our daughter and her unwavering surety that they were where she said, he returned upstairs( third time ) to check her bed. Prudence and I were packing her bag for school when he came down and handed her her glasses. As we kissed and hugged her good-bye he was very quiet and not forthcoming about the location of the glasses.
Once we returned inside he turned to me and very seriously told me they had been on the nightstand. Of course I didn't find this difficult to believe. He proceeded to explain how thoroughly he had looked for them. Jerome was in a state of disbelief and shock I have rarely seen him in. He just kept saying that they hadn't been there the two times he had gone up to look. Then on the third as he was heading for her bed he glanced down and there they were, folded and sitting precisely where he had put his hand for support. At this point he noticed the fact that I was still not surprised. When he asked me why, I told him that it seemed obvious who was to blame and in fact I raised my voice and said it wasn't a very nice thing for them to do to a little girl. Jerome then admitted to thinking it was our upstairs residents also. He told me about his experiences with the peeking and was finally calming down. I let him know that they usually behave very well. Especially after a scolding for too much noise. Since he could tell I was still a little miffed about them getting Prudence in trouble he also shared his idea of what he thought happened. Jerome thinks the glasses were probably in another location entirely. Our friends must have heard the lecture occurring below and decided to put the glasses on the nightstand to be found. While I can't be sure this is what truly happened, I thought it best to offer a thank you to them if that was the case. Always a good idea to remain on friendly terms with people you can't see.
It feels very nice to have my husband in-the-loop, so to speak, with our friends.

Cold spots and orbs, Hildi.

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