Friday, October 9, 2009

Happy Fall Y'all!

Hehe. That rhymed! So as you know...I LOVE FALL. I love the colors, I love the weather. (oh yeah, rainy, cold and grey gets me jazzed) Not really. I do like the cool crisp fall air. We just seem to be having an abundance of the wet kind currently. I love apple picking time. And apple pies and apple cider. I love Halloween and all that goes with it. Wait. That's a lie. I do not love everything that's associated with Halloween. Or fall. I freakin hate scarecrows!!! Wtf? Who decided scarecrows should be part of the whole fall decorating scheme?? Because, I'd really like to slap them in the face.
Scare Crow Head Pictures, Images and Photos

I know, I know beeing afraid of scarecrows is irrational. Duh. Now ask if I care? So this is a big problem because the people down the road think decorating with a scarecrow is an HGTV idea. And they do it every year. Every year, right about this time, they swap their summer decorations for bales of hay and a freakin scarecrow. He's sitting there all cheerful like on these bales of hay, right under the freakin light mocking me. Oh don't even tell me he's not. Because I know he knows that he's freaking me out and that's why he's smiling. They've even got one arm raised up in a wave. Are they trying to kill me??? I think they must be. I only got a good look at him that first time when I was taken by surprise. Since then, every time I drive past that house I have to put my hand up to block the sight. Then I slap my hand over my rear view mirror so I don't accidentally catch a glimpse. Because I know, I know that one of these days he's going to wave or turn his head just the slightest or somehow let me know he's in there. Personally, I hope he decides to run in front of the car...because dude, you are going down!!!

Yeah, I know that all sounds slightly crazy but I'm pretty sure Stephen King understands.
And some day I'm going to write a story about a murdering evil scarecrow and dedicate it to those people and they're going to read it and be scared. Very scared. Then they're going to apologize and burn that damn scarecrow. But until then...I probably wouldn't stand to far out in the road in front of their driveway, because I can't really see you if you are, what with my hand blocking my view and all, and you might get run over. And it would be the scarecrows fault. Just saying...



  1. Ha ha ... your head would explode if you lived where I do.

    Every October, this town close by (one that I have to drive through on a regular basis) has this "Pumpkin People Festival".

    Now, I usually think this is kinda neat. I mean, I really dig it when an entire community gets behind something and participates carte blanche. (Yes - I realize the irony in this statement coming from a social recluse such as myself.)

    Anyway - it is a bunch of stuffed bodies (just like scarecrows) with pumpkin heads and expressions painted on. The Town sets hundreds of these things up ... private residences set hundreds of these things up ... possibly numbering in the low thousands (it is a fairly small town). It is kinda neat ... until bad weather or kids or both hit ... and then the carnage is mind numbing.

    I'll likely post about this and grab some pics this year... stay tuned - It'll be like your worst nightmare Muah ha haaa...

  2. Danica, you're horrible!! And here I thought we were friends. I definately think you should warn me before you post those pics! It was bad enough looking at scarecrow clip art to find one for the blog. Gah. Can you imagine me driving through that town with my eyes closed, knuckles white as I gripped the steering wheel. It's exactly what those scarecrow/pumpkin people want. They're evil.

    Thanks for dropping by. And the comment.



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