Thursday, October 1, 2009

Crazy cat lady...

In case you haven't noticed...I already have a multitude of cats! Seven to be exact. I'm pretty sure those seven would wait for me to fall asleep and then eat me if I were to add another to our home. The oldest ones are pretty pissed off about the newest ones as it is. I'm on thin ice with them. They glare balefully at me whenever their naps are disturbed by the two menaces (otherwise known as kittens). But I can't help it, I'm as bad with animals as I am with people. Stray? Don't have a home? Gert will take you in.

I am a little more settled with Lulu's leaving. I think after having the entire group there for the birthday party on Sunday, it was just a let down when they all went back to their own homes. And Lulu's not just my daughter, she's one of my best friends. As you said, at least she's with a good guy and happy. And she's called like four times this week so that helps. Yes, she called me. I didn't even ask her too. Until she starts picking up more hours at her job, she has alot of free time. Dexter has school and work and so do the other roommates. So she really is an HB. And she's finding it boring. So she calls me. It's almost like she was four again. "Mom. I'm boooored." You have to admit, you can only clean a small apartment so many times.

I think you're right. I need to have something on my plate before Jethro leaves. But I feel like I do. Between the two blogs we have and the other one I do, I spend a lot of time writing. And finally, the guys are taking it more seriously. Jethro even told me to go ahead and go write yesterday, that he would clean up the house. And he did. He even vacuumed. (No, I checked. No fever) He knew I felt bad about taking the weekend off (since Irwin was home) and then Monday (because I spent all freakin day in the car!) and Tuesday (because i was laying on the couch, hacking up a lung). And yes, I have several stories. I guess I should dust them off, spruce them up, and submit them. I just hate rejection. I know, all writers get rejected sometimes. Really, that's not a consolation when your holding the rejection letter. Even when they say, "great story, just not what we're looking for right now". To me that still reads F-A-I-L. I guess I need to toughen up. I mean it's quite obvious to me that Larry is never going to make us rich so it's up to me. I actually asked him the other day if he'd build me my dream house and he said "sure, as soon as you write a book and get rich". I was flabbergasted. "I have to pay for my own dream house??" to which he replied "yes, but I'll save you a bunch of money by building it myself". I guess that was his idea of compromise.

So my friend's sister and her husband wrote a book. A young adult scifi novel. She read Jethro and I the opening paragraph the other day at lunch. Seriously, you'd have to know these people to understand. But I can honestly say it was close to the worst thing I've ever read. She said they asked her if she knew of someone who would be willing to be their editor before they submitted. She said "I thought instantly of you, but knew you'd kill me." Indeed. I'm pretty sure they couldn't pay me enough. However, I must admire their initiative and follow through. She's going to email me the link where they've posted the first three chapters online. I'll be sure to pass that on. =]

Well, I need to go. But put in your weird & freaky file...Sunday night, after everyone had left, Jethro had headed down to his room, Irwin and Larry were in bed, and I was alone in the family room sitting right here at this very computer...I heard this low pitched voice, then hammering. Well, I looked around the room, and there sitting on top of the toy box was one of Irwin's old toys. It has this little bear in a construction suit that talks and little buttons you hammer down with a plastic hammer that light up and make was going off all by itself. The cats were even downstairs with Jethro. No one but me was in the room. I gotta tell you the hairs on my arms stood up and I was a little creeped out. But luckily I was way too tired to get really scared. Now...if it happens again...

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  1. Dexter is very happy you changed his name from Kent. You are definately a crazy cat lady. Love you thought.

    Lulu :)

  2. I changed his name way back all the way back in the blog so he's forever dexter now. You better tell him to feel special, I don't change my make believe names for just anyone you know!

    I'm not a crazy cat lady, I'm a crazy lady who happens to have 7 cats. =] Love you too.



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