Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Oh goosebumps!

I hate it when toys turn themselves on! Especially when there's no one around to be freaked out with you. I much prefer creepy things to happen while in a group. Of course, even when someone else is there, you might be the only one to see or hear it.
I truly think you should give the writing another go. Whether your pulling out the old stories or writing completely new ones. It's something your good at and seem to enjoy. I imagine rejection on something that personal would be hard, but creating is good for the soul.
Dream house you say? I would settle for bedroom furniture at this point! Hell, some new undies would probably make me cry! My husband has a wonderful opportunity for more money and a better job staring him in the face. Has he done anything to start on this promising journey? Nope. It has been three months and he hasn't taken a single step in that direction. Yet he'll complain everyday about his current career. This could be a major crossroads for us. I don't know if I can respect a man who doesn't want to better his family's life. There is only so much whining and laziness a girl can take!
Speaking of whining! I have never in my life seen a person carry on so, about having some teeth taken out! He had this done on Friday morning and has not stopped bitching( or taking hydrocodone )since! Yes, I know it is very unpleasant. Dental procedures are rarely fun and it takes time to heal. Come on! I have had so many more invasive dental surgeries and have yet to continue my pain medication for more than the following day. I have also never used it as an excuse to be useless! What's that? Get my tooth ripped out and drive home to run errands? Ok! Wait, you mean I need to have a bone graft inside my gum and while their there they'll do a root canal from the inside? Sure, then I'll not only drive myself home but go get my medication and take care of the children. Please! Tuck in your skirts Alice!

Alright, I feel better. Soo sorry for ranting about that, but enough is seriously enough!

I'm soo excited for Halloween! I am ordering the girls costumes tonight!

Boo, Hildi.

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