Monday, July 27, 2009

Everyday life...

So here it is 3:28 pm and I'm just getting to blog. I got online earlier and checked email, checked some message boards I subscribe too, and checked out a few blogs. Then I finally hauled myself out of my chair and did those everyday mundane tasks that at least make me feel like a contributing member of my household. You know, the chores no one likes to do : cleaned cat boxes, did a couple loads of laundry, tidied the kitchen, made the beds. Then I took a shower (so at least I'm clean and I smell pretty), finally made myself eat something, and then I watched a movie. Vikki Cristina Barcelona. Okay...I must admit, I did doze somewhere in the middle. But I woke up and still understood what was going on so I didn't reverse. It was actually quite an interesting movie. I didn't know it was a Woody Allen movie until it started. Sometimes I like his movies, other times not so much. This one was entertaining. It was one of those little slice of life movies. I guess I like those because I'm such a voyeur. Haha. Really it's the only way I can explain my addiction to reality shows. And here's a confession: I watched reality tv for 9 hours straight yesterday. Okay, not straight because there was a nap from 2:30 to 4. But before and after said nap...reality tv all the way. I just can't seem to help myself.

So on to my next thought...twitter. I don't get it. It's supposed to be the in thing right now. Everyone "tweets". So I went to the website and watched a video about the concept. I still am at a loss. The idea seems to be that you can let other people know exactly what you're doing every moment of everyday. I can't imagine anyone seriously wants to know that about me. I mean how boring would my "tweets" be? I'm sitting at my desk in the family room. I'm laying on the couch in the family room. Ate a fruit cup. Cleaned the cat boxes. Indeed, I think this would only bring home exactly how boring my life is. And anyone who followed my "tweets" would indeed perish from ennui.

The video says that you can follow your friends "tweets". Maybe I don't want to know exactly what my friends are doing all the time. I mean really, if I already know all that, what on earth are we going to talk about over lunch? It used an example that "so & so" didn't know that her friend "whatshisname" was a baseball fan until she read on his twitter that he was watching the game. Um. Excuse me, isn't that the point of conversation? To find out what your friends interests are? Seriously, this twitter business could completely take the place of human face to face interaction. I find this deeply disturbing.

And so let's say there's a lot of people following your "tweets". Isn't that kind of like stalking? I mean how bad would it creep you out if you were picking up a prescription at the pharmacy and the guy looks at you and says "so you had meatloaf for dinner last night?"?? WTF??? Seriously creepy. I just don't think this can possibly end well. That said, you know I'm gonna sign up and give it a try. We'll call it "Gert's Twitter Experiment". And I will post full details! In fact...I will try to get Hildi involved. Muahahaha.

Well I'd better go start this experiment..."tweet you later",

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