Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Twoop! I mean poop!

I here by give notice of intent to quit doing any and all laundry! I will give a week for my current employer to find a replacement and then I am on to bigger and better things. Such as; dishes- easy to clean and almost never have to chuck them, cooking- not adding more just continuing to half-ass that one, and child rearing- because I love them and so far I'm damn good at it. With that said, I shall live a much happier and more fulfilling life. Seriously, INK PENS in two different pants pockets? Both my washer and dryer hit? My favorite jeans and sweat pants? Enough is enough!
Hey maybe my life is interesting enough for twitter! Good luck to you Gert. As you know savvy, especially when referring to computers, isn't how one would describe your sister. Anyone. I shall live vicariously through your tweets. At least concerning the one and only Joe Hill! It's okay if he's a bit of a pev. You'd almost have to be a bit of a lot of things to be that creative. Reba? Really? I get the journalist more than that one. Let us all know if they do better or maybe just different things then we do.
I'm going to bed now so I can sulk privately about my ruined pants and dryer.

Boo-hoo,again! Gert!

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