Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Twitter- twits

Okay...so 24 hours into "Gert's Twitter Experiment" I can't say I'm impressed. If anyone cares to bother- I added my twitter feed to the side of the blog. First off...it's very complicated to set up. And I consider myself somewhat computer savvy. So if you aren't, you might want to get someone who is to help. Second...NONE of my friends are on twitter. And by that i mean nobody who's in my email contacts which would include nearly everyone I talk to. So in order to really give it a chance...I found some famous people to "follow". They include:

Ann Curry- so I think she's a really good journalist. I don't care if you agree.
Kevin Smith- I think he's a good director and a funny guy. Noticed from twitter, he's a bit of a perv.
Joe Hill- omigod. omigod. omigod. Son of the great Stephen King and a fabulous writer in his own right. LOVED Heart Shaped Box.
Neil Gaimen- another great author. Think Coraline.
Digg- well because it's interesting.
Greg Grunberg- He's Matt the psychic cop on "Heroes".
Reba McEntire- just because I can.

And so far...their "tweets" are interesting but not addictive. Also, when I logged on today, I had two followers. I thought I was pretty special and had actually garnered some attention with my witty "tweets". NO. When I clicked to see who they were...you guessed it...adult entertainers inviting me to view their nude pics. Not freakin likely. So apparently, much like myspace, twitter has some spam issues.

Overall, not impressed. But we'll give it a couple of days for good measure.

twittering on,

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