Thursday, July 23, 2009


Wherefore art thou Hildi? I fear that Hildi has succumbed to that great stealer of souls (or eater of time, whatever you prefer) Facebook! Haha. I must admit that it is addictive and I've wasted many an hour or two when my intention was to merely "pop" on. But then the other day I read an MSN article that said Facebook is doomed. That all the cool kids have left. What?! Does this mean I'm no longer one of the "cool kids"? Oh social networking site...thou ego bruiser, thou great stealer of vanity. Whatever...I've only had my Facebook page for a brief time. And anyone I'm interested in talking to still has take that MSN. Maybe those cool kids aren't really so cool after all if I'm not even missing them. I'm much more addicted to Blogger anyway. I think it's like my addiction to reality's like peeking in on other people's lives...and their lives are always so bad they make mine look great in comparison! It's the old matter how bad you have it...someone always has it worse. It teaches me to count my blessings and cherish them. Even on days when I'd gladly sell you the members of my family for a ticket to the Bahamas. Yeah, I have those days.

So...recently my high school held a reunion. Now since it was a DOD school overseas (England to be exact) and quite a small school at that (87 kids in my graduating class), they hold reunions every three years open to all who attended the school. They alternate locations allover the US in order to allow more people to attend. It's a great idea and I see from the pictures (posted on Facebook, of course) that lots of people have a really good time. I have never and will never attend one. It's not that there aren't people I miss from High School...there are. But I'm already in contact with them. But for's always way expensive. No one does budget reunions apparently. And I would much rather spend the cash on a family vacation. Secondly, I really have no wish to go back and relive high school. Sure, I really enjoyed it. High school was actually a pretty good time for me. And I relive it every so often when my kids ask a question about "the old days", but it's not something I want to dwell on. I would rather live in the "here" and the "now". I'm a different person. One who has no desire to do it all over again. It's done and I don't want to get caught back up in the game of who's popular and who's not. And all the petty jealousies that entails. I know we're all adults now, but I also know that changes very little. =P

Anyway...that's all I've got for today. Life is very quiet with Lulu & Jethro off at camp being the best darn camp counselors ever. The only drama I got from them was when they were texting me last night. Lulu is not happy with Jethro's choice of female company. Haha. Shoe's on the other foot now, eh? And Larry is gone most of the time too. I am enjoying my peace and quiet as best I can. I just wish I had the energy to get more done!

Come back fair Hildi...come back!


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