Friday, July 24, 2009

I see light!

Wow! For a few days there it was touch and go. I definitely got addicted. There is so much to do on Facebook! I have a farm and a poke pet. I like the farm, but I love my pet. He's the cutest little frog named Ferdinand! Lots of people to be friends with and talk to. I have found a few people from my second high school.
As you know I didn't go to my high school reunion. Firstly, because I wasn't at the high school I graduated from for more then half a day all year. I didn't really know anyone. Most of my friends where from other schools and work. I obviously wasn't invited to the one I attended before that, because I didn't graduate from there. It would have made a huge impact on my life if I had. Maybe not for the better. Who knows? It is pretty neat to see people's pictures and catch up now. I sent friend requests to two girls I was very close to, so I can't wait to find out how they are and what they're up to. If I had the opportunity to go to a reunion and see them I think I would. Like you, I also enjoyed at least three years and two of my high schools, so I have no hard feeling or bad memories.
I did attend a reunion with Jerome. It was his ten-year reunion. Of course ninety percent of his class still lives in the area, so they still run with the same crowds and have the same friends. Even at that I was surprised at how clique-ish it was. I went to the ladies room{ I'm allowed } and there were those girls who do make-up constantly and offer false compliments until you leave. I couldn't contain my laughter while I listened to their shallow, vain and very annoying conversation.
Then there was the crazy ex from hell! Not kidding. She had to have been about seven months pregnant in heels and a short dress. Normally I would say "bravo sister", but this chick was sad. Jerome had failed to say hello to her while we were inside and so on our way to the car she came running after us, in all of her tottering glory, screaming his name and waving. Finally she caught up and said hi to him. The introductions were made and then we stood in silence for a minute before Jerome said we had to get home to our child. Let's see; bitchy blondes- check, meatheads- check, awkward moments- check! To this day she tackles him whenever she sees him out{ with or without me }, and completely ignores me when our paths cross. And of course when we got on Facebook she was one of the first to request his friendship. No, no psycho, not my husband! He can't stand you anymore than I can.
Next year is his twenty-year reunion. Oh boy! Can't wait. Mine would be way cooler and I think even Jerome would have a good time.

Back to real life...uhg....Hildi

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