Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Are you kidding? I'm sorry but when was the last time you worried about pleasing any one but you? If you were worried about pleasing people you wouldn't be the person you are, or have raised your children the way you did. I admire and respect that about you. I also think you bring a lot of disapproval on yourself, so how can you be surprised when it comes. To be honest, I almost think you do things not in spite of others, but to spite others. Like you wanna be soo different from mom and dad that it plays a part in all your decisions.
Politely decline on family vacation? We talked about it and I thought we were going to tell them that your friend was coming and there were alternatives to staying together? Again I'm sorry, but this reeks of a tantrum! No we weren't happy about the idea. Why would we be? He isn't our family and this pretty much came out of the blue for us. It really seems to be a much bigger deal than it should be. All we had to do was talk to mom and dad again.

I'm angry because your not willing to bend at all. Not giving in about your friend, but explaining to our parents what you did to me. I have to think that they said they didn't want him to go and you got pissed and that's it. The end. Well, have a great time on your vacation. I love you guys and will really miss being with you. I have to say that my family doesn't stop with my children and my husband. It includes all of our other family.

P.S. My husband is not the best. But I'll bring up your own words,"Don"t throw stones in glass houses."

Love and disappointment in all our family, Hildi

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