Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Slow down. Mudslinging and attacks? Again, why can't anyone express their OPINION without you turning it into a war or a political campaign? This is spinning out of control and I feel like you haven't let anything go! If we work this thing out? Rosy colored glasses? Tears on vacation?
First; I would like to say that I have no intention of apologizing. Honestly I don't even understand how my offer to talk to mom and dad about this is not good enough? That is where I thought we left this on Monday night.
Second; Do you honestly still operate under that big-sister assumption that I don't know what real life is? Then you must not know me at all either. My experiences are no less eye opening based on my age. I've done and seen things that you never will, and vice/versa. I have no glasses, rose colored or otherwise. I may look to the positive side of things and hope for the best, but that is something I've worked hard to achieve. I thought you agreed with me that negativity is a really annoying trait.
I guess that brings me to the tears on vacation. There's no crying on vacation! Why would there be. You told me you had let things go, so why would there be tears on the beach? I certainly didn't foresee any fighting to the point of tears. Of course we all wouldn't have agreed about everything, but no one ever does. Please stop viewing everyone as being against you or attacking.
And as for the grow up and little girl comments, Puh-lease! I may be small in stature but growing up is something that takes a lifetime to achieve. If you think your grown up now, then what will you think of yourself five or ten years down the road? We are constantly growing and learning. That, is how life is.

You were right earlier when you declined to continue this conversation. We are not getting anywhere and I think your anger is escalating. Obviously you see insults in me every sentence so I will stop now. Bottom line is, this is a bleak state of affairs and I feel saddened at what has been lost.

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