Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ah, assisted living.


Let's think about this. Someone to clean and tidy your living space. Meds on hand when you want them. Card games and people to shoot the shit with. Plus a shuttle to take you where you want to go! Gracious me! Where do I sign up for that paradise? Of course I'll wait till my children are gone, but I'd like to book that place now. I suppose Jerome can come to if he behaves.
I definitely know what you mean about Larry. I too am curious as to how Jerome functions at work without me there. Although I have seen him in action and it was a sight to behold. He is assertive, knowledgeable, confidant and informative at work. What happens when they get home? Just kidding! He really is a wonderful man most of the time. He's a great best friend and a fantastic father. True, he is a little needy. However, much of that can be attributed to his childhood. It is nice sometimes to be needed so intently! I have never felt more completely loved by another man. At times he seems to read my mind and know exactly what I need. (Then he does something so idiotic I could scream!) That's why life is a pip. Yes I shall take him to my place of assisted living.
I think it might be better if you went ahead and forgot the asprin and just got drunk. Really, it thins your blood anyway and there you are stumbling around. It would be a lot more fun to actually enjoy it! Plus after a while you might not feel your legs. I know when I'm wasted I don't feel much of anything. With little children you can't do that often, but yours are grown. So stop being a quitter and chug that next bottle of wine you have. Gosh, some people just don't know how to self medicate. I love ya! (Don't do it without me!)

Love and assisted wine drinking! Hildi

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