Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What?! No christmas dinner?

Have you lost your tiny little mind? Of course I'm fine with dinner. No worries. You just don't like turkey and you're trying to ruin it for all of us. Actually the cooking doesn't bother me and mom brings half of dinner with her anyway. Plus I will call the various aunts and delegate. So no, cooking is not a problem. Cleaning up is handled by the men in my household and I have a dishwasher so it's not too big of an issue. And no dear heart, I won't make you do dishes. Lol. It's good for the menfolk to do them. It builds character. No it's more the cleaning and decorating and planning leading up to the big event that will wear me out. But not working retail (mmmk. not working) it should be easier this year. Unfortunately Lulu does work retail and will be trying to spend time with Bill so I won't have my right hand girl. Although...Bill is pretty handy to help out and Larry and Jethro can be bribed into service. No it will definitely all be fine.

Um. Well. Hmm. I do not ever remember you aspiring to be the quintessential fifties housewife. I don't remember you ever aspiring to being a housefrau at all. Weren't you the "I'm never getting married and having kids" girl? Pretty sure that was your mantra growing up. Maybe these latent aspirations rose to being after I moved away from home. Well I have honestly never achieved that level of success either. I can tidy a home, get an awesome meal on the table, and out Martha Stewart the best of them but you've lost your mind if you think I'm doing it in a skirt and heels! Hope you like my baggy pants and tshirts! I do however generally shower, fix my hair and put on makeup even to stay home. Unless I'm really feeling poorly. But that's more for me then him. I just feel better when I'm clean and pretty and I smell good. And a good glass of wine definitely helps me cook! But not so much with the cleaning...

Well I am off to bed. I accomplished very little today. After two busy days in town I was a little worn down. Spent most of the day writing. I think it counts as work since eventually I might make money. But my house doesn't look any better for it. So tomorrow I need to get in gear and do some real work. Fifties housewife style.

sweet dreams & tidy houses,


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