Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Drugs for you, drinks for me!

As you know I have always planned on becoming the quintessential fifties housewife. With the dress, hair and makeup done and the lovely heels on when my husband arrives home. Of course in my case the huge meals will fall a touch short of the expected, but I was still planning to have that drink( maybe five) in the kitchen while cooking. Now that I am in my thirties it is very unlikely I will ever see my dream realized. Oh cruel, cruel fate! I too have become to old to will my hangover symptoms away the next morning. My goals have been snatched away again by that nasty man(big surprise he's male) Father Time. Really though I believe I just need to build up a tolerance again and then I shall go for the gold. Tequila Gold!

I am ever so sorry to hear of your continuing hurts and lack of brain function. I wish you could see the doctor now instead of in February. Do you really think that your body will let you do Christmas? The meal alone will take a lot of effort. Not to mention the cleaning and dish washing that go with every large gathering. I still say we don't need all the traditional food. Mary and Joseph probably didn't even eat that night. Being together is truly all that matters and I would gladly eat cold sandwiches and chips if that's what there is. Plus I hate getting too full and cranky-tired! Oh! I get it! Your gonna make me do dishes aren't you? Sneaky, Gert. Real sneaky.

I must go, for I am tidying the house this day. I have most of the laundry done, if not yet put away. Just need to vacuum and do dishes! Jerome actually did most of the dishes last night after his birthday dinner. Crazy old guy. Thirty-seven is really upsetting him for some reason. I guess he isn't where he thought he'd be by now. Who is, I say. I certainly didn't think my uniform would be jammies and house shoes!

Love and jammies! Hildi

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