Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Do I matter?


I know it's actually your turn to blog, but I need to vent. As you know my husband is the kind of guy who would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. He always rushes to help friends and family who ask for it. If your moving, you can count on him. Car trouble? Jerome is on his way. Phones, computers, anything electronic, and he's your guy. The man even helps my friends with anything they need it from him. And believe me some of them have asked a lot from us both. When he's done fixing the problem he smiles and waves and rides into the sunset on his trusty steed. Guess who's always left standing in the dark when the sun goes with him.

I honestly love him for the way he cares about people. And his readiness to help those that require his skills. I just don't know why I never receive his aid. Trust me I put the signal in the sky all the time! I have no doubt that he would save me from peril, but why should that be the only time. It's not even his help that I'm looking for the most. I'd just like to feel like I matter more then all the others. I don't need more money. I really don't need more material things. What I desperately want is to be important to him.

Tonight he told me he would be home at 5:20. Then he scheduled an appointment with a gentlemen for 5:30. Yes I know it's work and he's providing for us. Blah, blah, blah! He will be there tomorrow till 6:00. And guess what? Work isn't going anywhere for now. No difficulties on that front. Instead of calling to let me know, he texted me to complain about a friend of his father's. I of course said poop on the man, he doesn't deserve your help anyway. Then I got the, " Oh by the way....I'm not gonna make it!" No there was no special reason for him to come home at that time. Other than he told me he would.I want to matter enough to have him follow through with what he tells ME. Poop on you too Jerome. Fold your own damn laundry!

Love! Just not for me! Hildi

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