Thursday, December 4, 2008

A victory none the less!

I'm very happy to hear that there was no showdown!That was one sticky situation.I can imagine how hard it is for her to be strong in the face of extreme manipulation.I sure don't envy her the heartache and loneliness that will find her in quiet moments throughout the days ahead!But I still have to say "WHOOO_HOOO!" Good for you, Lulu.I am soo proud of her.That was quite the grown-up decision to make and it shows the maturity we all knew she possessed.It will be a long road to healing.Travel and independence are the perfect way to erase the bad and refresh your soul.Of course she's welcome here for some refreshment any time!
I can't wait till I can see Irwin too!It seems like my visits with him are all too infrequent.I have often planned to see him on the trips to mom and dad's, however it seldom works out.It feels like it's very busy whenever I'm home.Christmas will be a lovely time for us all to spend time together and enjoy a little holiday cheer.Irwin always seems like he's grown when I get to see him.It rather makes me feel old!I love family photos!Nobody would ever guess we've been fighting right up to the flash, and directly after.Hahahaha!Maybe that's just my family.
My morning has been spent arguing with the ever jovial Jerome.Why is it I can do fifteen different things that need to be done and never once complain,but when he has something he's been putting off for a while and it's time to do it he has to piss and moan?I put up all the Christmas decorations by myself, the day after Thanksgiving.I even put up both trees, which is usually his job.Today I asked if he would just put the lights on one tree.( The other is pre-lit)Oh man, it was the biggest production of self pity and whining since I straitened Patience's hair.I seriously wanted to slap the petulant look from his face!Next he decides finally to clean out the garage so we can put the ford in it for the winter.Ha, it's December!But of course it's my fault that there is soo much stuff to be cleaned out.Let me tell you what these things include. Crib, hello I weigh 96lbs, and I'm supposed to put it in the attic?Maternity clothes from garage sale, ok I need to bag them up but that takes two seconds and barely takes up any room!Garage items, such as lawnmower, grill and miscellaneous garden tools.Yeah right!I don't think he wants me to decide where to put these things.BEND OVER! Then there are the empty Christmas decoration boxes, and really do I have to do everything?Yes, apparently I do , because all of these things being in the way was my fault.
It has truly been a beat-the-mommy-up kind of week!None of my family seem to appreciate anything I do.I know.Such is the life of a mother, right?I have to say that at least my friends get that I don't just sit around and do nothing.Last night our cousin called me and asked what I was doing.I told her I was laying on the bed.She was at once concerned and surprised.I explained that I had just finished folding, ironing and putting away all the laundry.My back hurt!However it was obvious to me that she never expected me to be sitting down, much less laying down, during my day.No ,I usually don't, except for meals or with sick children.It was nice having someone realize this.My smallest is sassy and demanding.My first-born is dramatic and full of attitude.My oldest and biggest(hairiest too) child is oblivious, whiny and tyrannical.What is a poor domestic engineer to do?Gosh,I love them!!

Love and mommies rock, Hildi

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