Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Falling over...drunk?!

Well I prefer vodka to wine if I'm going for intoxication...but the accompanying hangover just seems to get worse the older I get. Not to mention that after the first drink I begin to get sleepy unless I'm very involved in a game or dancing. So I think I'll just stick to the regular meds.

Speaking of being ill...geez, how is it that my body now betrays me in a thousand little ways every day? If it's not some weird ass pain that I've never felt before (and sincerely hope to never feel again) it's the cognitive stuff. Like monday...monday was just a bad sad day. I woke up feeling really crappy. My ankle was swollen to twice its normal size, my calf muscles on that side were bunched, I was soooo exhausted (even though I'd just had 8 hours of sleep), and I kept feeling like I was gonna pass out. Well, since there's no rest for the wicked or mommies, I got up got around, and headed in to town with Lulu. First we go to her orthopedic appointment to get her hip rechecked and of course I'm the one limping around like a loser. Then some lunch, then I drop her off at the college for her test and head to the library. Love the library. Find some books and a comfy chair. But by this time pain is radiating up from the ankle all the way to the hip. Dull ache. The other leg has sharp shooting pains every so often like someone is pinching a nerve at regular intervals. I just want to be at home on my couch in my jammies feeling sorry for myself! Pity party (table for one please)! And why must they keep it so flippin hot in the library??! Grrr. New legs begin to feel like I'm sitting to close to a campfire...literally like they are burning. So I haul my miserable carcass up, check out my books, shuffle to the elevator and eventually to my car. Get loaded in and realize I have no idea how to back out of my spot. I've forgotten which way to turn the wheel?! This is why they don't let me drive by myself very darned often. Thankfully I did eventually get it figured out, get Lulu, get home and get into those pjs! I hate this whatever it is and I hate days like that!

Funny story though...So Lulu says I have this certain face that I make when I think something is incredibly stupid. She says mostly I make it at Larry. And occasionally at her. Never at Jethro. (Huge surprise...that's boy genius we are talking about). Well she says she can't make it so I don't know what it looks like but I do know I think Larry does some "too dumb for words" things so she's probably right. So monday morning when I'm sitting on the bed, after having just exhausted myself by putting on socks, Jethro and Larry walk in. Larry sits down beside me and says "you don't look very good today." (Yeah...thanks for pointing that out jerkwad. Larry one, self esteem zero.) I told him I was extremely tired and that my ankle was killing me. Said ankle now resting on his leg, he says "wow. it's really swollen" and proceeds to pinch it!!! Yes, that's right...pinch my sore swollen ankle. WTF?!!! I yell "Hey!" quite loudly. He starts laughing and apologizing all at the same time, then falls over on the bed laughing. Well, I'm a little flippin angry at this point. When he says "you made the face". You think?! Omg. Some days...

love, betrayal & "the face",

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