Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh, the gray hairs!


I must admit from the picture you sent me, your hair looks great! Isn't it always that much better when you get such a fabulous price to with it? I love a good deal. There is nothing better to make you feel sassy and confident, then getting your hair done. That's probably why most places charge so much. They know what it does for us. I tell ya a new hair-do and a pedicure can damn near make all your problems fade away. Ok, this time of year a facial or massage might be required.

I feel good about the finger foods for Christmas. It will be a very casual, easy evening. I think we will all have more time for talking and spending time together. Plus mom won't have to cook the entire day before. I'm still in shock that others agreed with me. Maybe that's just the baby-sister-chip on my shoulder talking! Just kidding! I think I shed that with the second child.

Are any of us where we wanted to be? In certain instances, yes. I too am ever so grateful for the time I get to spend with my children. While they are still children. I am slightly nervous and anticipatory about starting my career when I am thirty-four. But at the same time I think a lot of people in their mid to late thirties are restless in the careers they've chosen anyway. It will be like a second chapter to an already pretty great life. I'll be ready for something that is all mine. Maybe my children and I can get even closer, since the field I've chosen happens to be in skin and make-up! Boy am I glad I have two little ladies. I know that you will be published. It may not be until your forty-two, but it will be. And look at all the experience you've acquired by being a mom for so long. You really could write on any number of topics. For instance; Autism, parenting, cooking, budgeting, children's stories, and romance from all that we've read. Heck, real life country style could be good for you. Not every lady knows about that.

Did you say spirits? Are we staying the night? Just kidding. Maybe just a glass or twelve. Speaking of drinking my stress away. I have a baby shower for a teacher to plan for Friday. A house to clean before Tuesday of next week.(Not easy with a three-year-old stuck to my leg, saying she's lonely.) Presents for my family, his dad's side of family and his mom's side of family by Sunday. A dish from Chile due on Thursday, along with traditional costume. Gift exchange and book recovery for Wednesday night with friends. Oh yes, packing and laundry for four before we leave next week. Hahahahahh! I gotta go!

Love and polished toes& pampering! Hildi

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