Monday, December 15, 2008

Days of no small importance...

Happy Birthday to me! Boy do I feel old! Actually, not too much. I think next year being the big 4-0 will hit me way harder. I'm just really not where I wanted to be at this age in terms of accomplishments. I wanted to be a published author by now. I wanted to have been interviewed by Oprah. I wanted to own a big house. And I wanted to have ten kids. that last one is a little crazy. But I probably would have had more then just the three if Larry had been willing. And the others? Well I guess they could still happen but probably not by next year. But as I look back reflectively today...I'm okay with where I am. I'm thankful for the life I do have and wouldn't give up any of it to have the other things. And I guess that's what it's about the choices you make along the way. I gave up the career which was awesome but hectic with way too much travel to stay home with the kids. And sure some days I wish I was putting on a skirt and heels and heading off to my office where my secretary would have my coffee waiting...or waking up in the Hilton in Springfield, watching the people scurry to the capital and knowing I had some lobbying to do or lunch with a representative or senator. Okay...not the lobbying at the building so much...because those other lobbyists are mean! Anyway...some days I miss it...but the amount and quality of the time I got to spend with my kids over the years is worth way more to me. Especially as I see them growing up and getting ready to leave the nest. Time goes so quickly that I'm glad I got to store up plenty of memories. It was for sure worth it. And Larry? Well I'm a pretty lucky girl to have him too. Could have maybe traded up a time or too for a guy with money & a big house, but nobody could love me or his kids as much as he does. That's for sure. Besides, the big lout needs me. And not owning a house because one is provided by his job is okay. I love this house, I love living way out here in the country, and I love the land. I don't think I could ever live in town again. So it's all good!

I'm so proud of Patience for the last story you put on here...go girl! That is a valuable lesson to have learned at such a young age. And kudos to both of us for raising kids with big hearts and compassion. That's something else I'm thankful for! Plus I got my hair done on Friday morning...and I LOOOOVVVVEEE it. Makes me feel so much better. Then at the Xmas party Friday night, new people I met couldn't believe I was old enough to have teenagers. Go me. Take that gray hairs! I didn't tell them that I have this theory that chubby people have less wrinkles...therefore appearing younger....haha! get your wish. Dad backed you on it and so did Larry. Although, I had to promise Lulu and Jethro I'd still make them a turkey dinner sometime soon...we are not having a traditional Christmas dinner. I'm going with finger foods. I'm telling everyone to bring an appetizer and a desert. No big sit around the table and stuff yourself dinner. Just grazing as you go. Sound better? Any requests? I've been pouring over my cookbooks for days now deciding what to wow my company with. =] And you know what goes well with appetizers? That's right- cocktails! Woo-hoo!

love & finger foods & Christmas "spirits",

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