Saturday, December 13, 2008

Everything is better in heels!


Those aspirations appeared after the first child was born and I had to learn how to do everything. I have noticed that not only does my husband enjoy the heels, but I feel very girly wearing them. I also vacuum in new high heels so I can break them in. Boy do I look sexy in my own set of baggy pants, t-shirt, and spanking new heels. Pony tail? Only if my hair is long enough.

I am in full agreement on the gender of the holiday-dishes clean-up crew. No I do not like turkey, but as you know mom always makes a ham for me and the big eaters.( All the guys.) I really was thinking of you. Not to worry I shan't let it become a habit. Next year Christmas is at my house for everyone who can come. That means folks in my home state and yours. I have a little surprise for you and your ever traditional cohort mother. I will be having a TRADITIONAL Irish dinner. And that is all I have to say on the matter.

I must tell you about my oldest daughter's day. It started at seven-thirty this morning. I got her cleaned and ready to be picked up at eight-thirty by Grandma Ali. From our house they proceeded to an assisted living facility to sing carols, pass out stuffed animals and little gifts. She volunteered to stay for lunch so that she could pass out roles in the cafeteria. Not only did she treat everyone with respect and politeness, she also learned a valuable lesson. One woman kissed her on her forehead and said " Bless you". I received a full report from her Grandma when they returned and it was obvious that something special happened today. After her Grandma left we had a chat about today and she told me that it was a great time and she wants to go back. I was not surprised by her good behavior. Even though she can be a hand full at times, she has a big heart and understood going in that these people deserve our respect and caring. What surprised me, was that I offered a reward for her good behavior and selflessness, and she turned me down. She said," I don't need a reward for doing something good. I like it and that is enough of a reward." I can tell you that tears pooled in my eyes and I saw that shining halo above her head for a minute. Of course she'll still treat me like I'm stupid from time to time. And yes that smart ass attitude will get her in plenty of trouble. Laziness will still be a problem we face, but for that space in time I was reminded of the innocence they lose so quickly. I was also able to see that huge heart I know she has, and it was one of those moments that took my breath away.

The lesson she learned, you ask? That not everyone has a family and loved ones to take care of them. There are people out there that are alone and sick and need someone, anyone to show them a little kindness. Holidays are especially hard for the lonely souls that fill these places and even one smile can make such a difference. At least for a while. She learned simply, that she is blessed with youth, love and a safe place to call home. I hope that some of the lonely people out there find a little peace this holiday season.

Love and good wishes! HIldi

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