Thursday, December 4, 2008

Celebrate the small things...

Wow. I'm feeling you. I constantly feel that my family thinks I just do nothing all day. Can't remember what Larry said to me last night (while I was making his dinner no less) but it was designed to irritate I do remember that. And it worked like a charm. I calmly told him fine, I'd go visit you again for awhile and they could all fend for themselves since I was so unimportant. That changed his tune right quick! And please...they have to be mad at someone for their incompetence. Really, what man can do 15 things at once? None. Multitasking is not in their genetic makeup. That's a scientifically proven fact. And someone has to be to blame for the clutter and you don't seriously believe it was going to be him, do you? What man admits when he's wrong? And children? Even the best of them are at times ungrateful, demanding and downright insulting. Unfortunately mommyhood is a pretty thankless job. But if it's any vindication...some day they will be in the same situation and will finally see the light. I can't tell you how many times I've called our mother and said "I'm so sorry...I had no idea." Really, ask her, I've done it.

I need to get my decorations up, my gifts finished & wrapped. I have a sewing pile that just won't quit and about a ton of laundry that needs folded. And I can guarantee that nobody is going to say thank you when I'm done. HAHAHA. As if. But I'll feel good & accomplished & productive & exhausted. Life's like that. And if there's one thing I've learned in the last's cultivate your friendships because in hard times it's your girls that get you through. A husband who's your best friend is great...but he's also a husband and a man. He won't get mammograms, pms, or motherhood itself. They see things differently. He's also prone to breaking your heart in a million little ways without even realizing that he's done it. Such is the nature of the beast. But a good girlfriend knows exactly what to say when you need to hear it. She can tell by the sound of your voice what kind of day your having & what she can do to make it better. She will drop everything when you call because she knows you would do the same for her. Even when she can't solve your problems, just knowing you aren't alone is often enough. I count myself blessed to have good friends in my life. And sisters are like good friends to the tenth power! I wish Lulu had one. But at least she's got a cousin that's close.

I know you miss Irwin and he did grow like a weed. I think he's pretty much done growing now. He's pretty much the same height as me and filled out. He's way stronger then I am though. lol. Christmas should be good. Wish you guys could stay overnight so we could visit longer. We do have the room for it. And I do love family photos too! Jethro and I were fussing some because he hates having his picture taken at all & I was trying to get ones of each of the kids by themselves. So there was some fighting there. Other then that everyone got along well. There was alot of laughing because trying to get Irwin to look at the camera, let alone smile at it, is something of a trick. Then we all laughed at Lulu as she set the timer and tried to hurry to her place in the pic. She's not the most coordinated person on the planet!

Well girl, I love you. Hope your day, week, month gets better. Try to celebrate the small when they are all asleep. =]

life, love & hopeless men,


  1. I have only one question...

    People still sew??? I thought that was something that they only talk about in history books or something.

  2. Um...yes Virginia, there is a santa claus. Haha. Of course people still sew. How else would you get stuff mended? Maybe it's only poor people though. I mean I have men who pretty much constantly rip their jeans working, hunting, just doing...well...whatever it is men do...and I can't afford to constantly be buying I sew. And when I make something like purses, pj's, or whatever. Well that's actually kind of relaxing. Must've been a pioneer in another life! Haha.

  3. Hehe, too funny. Yes, you must have been because you also wanted a cow at one point.

    I let my kids wear ripped clothes and I hem by using stitch witchery. that is some amazing stuff! Admittedly, I have sewn a button or two but only out of humiliation. When a kid asks to send their shirt to ginny to have her sew on a butter you know it is time to suck it up and sew. Both Regan and Bradley sew though. They made ugly dolls this weekend. And yes, they were ugly.


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