Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dad's reply...

This is a copy of the email I got in reply from my daddy...

Ha Ha Ha!!!!l

Here's what you get:

Jethro - My good wishes for a very long relationship with whatever you get your hands on.
No beer - I drank it
No cigarettes - I smoked them
No tissues - I blew my nose in all of them
No hand lotion - secret gift for Grandma
No porn - I'm keeping that for me

Lulu - a pencil and tablet to write about you adventures
No condoms - I might need them(it could happen!!)
No tequila - next time don't be so picky(the cheap stuff works too)
No EPT tests - I ordered them wrong and wound up with 2 puppies and a kitten
No pole - I tried to get one, but the bouncer caught me(hope to be released for Thanksgiving)

Larry - Try something different son(if it was that easy, I'd have done it years ago!!)
No stripper - If I could get one, do you really think I'd give her away??
No hatchet - Your mother-in-law has it buried to deep in my back
No bath towels - She'd notice if anything was missing
No garbage bags - at some point in time I'll need everyone I can get to clean that @#%!! basement out

Gert - Are you shittin me! What friggin muffin tins?? I thought that was a joke.
No plane ticket anywhere - but I'll send pictures when I get there and I'll write if I find work.

Irwin - I'm working on a fruit filled frozen burrito, and if it get the patent.

Merry Christmas from Mom and Dad

ps. Mom don't know about this, let's not tell her....okay!

Love, Dad

Quite obviously you can see where Hildi & I get our sense of humor...

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