Sunday, November 23, 2008

Text Blurbs...

Sometimes you, dear reader, do not get the behind the scenes fun. So today I'm including the texts Hildi & I sent after she blogged last...

Me: Read blog. Thanks suzy sunshine for ur uplifting commentary.

Hildi: Har har poop stain! I try to give a different view and that's your snarky comment?! Jk putting the g's nite-nite.

Me: I love you. Thanks for being there. G'nite g's.

Hildi: Ruv u too!

What would I do without her?


  1. Gert, I would like to know what you thought of the Twilight movie... I was HIGHLY dissapointed. In fact, I was still mad yesterday all day about it! They sure screwed it up and left out huge info. Not to mention, they rushed the whole story. The fans would have sat through a 3 hour movie if that's what it would have taken to get the story across... trust me, Hildi and I sat through Titanic many many times!

  2. Well honestly...I thought the movie wasn't that bad. We went to the midnight show & froze our butts off for two & half hours waiting to get in! lol. It wasn't as good as the book...but they NEVER are. The only thing I really didn't like was all the scenes of Edward & Bella staring into each others eyes. Gag me. I know that it was meant to convey their deep eternal love...but it was kinda cheesy. If they'd cut some of those they could have had more time for the story. There's no way really they could have done the book justice...but I was ok with it. Almost eveyone who went to see it had already read the books so it was just eye candy really. And in that totally worked for me!


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