Thursday, November 13, 2008

Re: Hildi's help


Well your help was appreciated and Lulu read it and agreed that she is at a VERY scary time in her life with lots of decisions to face. And it was possible that the only reason she stayed with him was because it was familiar and he makes decisions for her. Grr. She stayed home with the fam last night and we talked some. Of course I can never see inside her head but I think we've given her some things to think about and I have some cautious optimism. She really just needs to get out of dodge and expand her horizons. One of the bad things of living in a rural community is that you can never get away from the people you need just keep running into them. But whatever comes...we will work through it. I am sick however that she missed the opportunity to go to california with Bill's parents and see him graduate from marine boot camp. I understand that she didn't feel right letting them pay her way when she wasn't dating him but I know how dissapointed he is that she's not coming [I mean they were really close friends when he left and have written letters like crazy] and I think she will be kicking herself later. I'm hoping he gets some leave time and comes home for a visit. I miss that boy like he was one of my own!

I really like the idea of everyone doing their own laundry but that wouldn't solve the problem because Larry would just forget to do his. Jethro did ask me to teach him how.

Its not drivers ed that puts bad drivers on the road. They do actually fail some kids. It's the dmv that gives them their license in the first place and then keeps renewing it. I do remember gpa's friends driving. I also remember some of them riding their rascals and motorized scooters to the bar. Oh my stars! Save us from inebriated octogenarians! Or how about the ones who would turn off their oxygen tanks so they could smoke?!

And I am trying not to think about christmas! At least mine are old enough to realize that christmas will be slim this year. And they both have jobs so they just buy alot of the stuff they want. All Jethro says he wants is jeans (apparently he's stocking up so as never to run out again). The problem is he outgrows them so fast. He shoots up a couple inches and is finally filling out so he's not a beanpole anymore. And Lulu mostly wants books & movies. And Irwin...gosh he's easy. I mean telephone cords are his favorite toy. And anything spongebob. Anytime I see anything Hanna Montanna I think of Patience. Lol. Good luck with that. =-]

Well I gotta go. Larry picked Jethro up from school today and they went to town to run errands. They're gonna come back all hopped up on mountain dew & taco bell. Woo hoo!

missing their baby days,


  1. Gert, the fact that your children are so grown makes me all of a sudden feel really damn old. ouch.

  2. Phoebe,
    We are old. The good news is we only get more interesting with age.

  3. We get more interesting with age?? Really? I would say that I'm actually pretty boring! Completely happy, but totally boring! lol. It's a good thing my son thinks I'm rad.


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