Sunday, November 16, 2008

You tell me in a blog?


I really can't believe you didn't call me to tell me about Thanksgiving! What, are you a fifteen-year-old boy who's afraid to break up in person? Your poop! I understand about the gas though. The holiday season is hard enough on the pocketbook, without adding gas into the equation. That is partially why we got presents this month, so we can afford to come home for Christmas. It's usually about two-hundred dollars just in gas alone. But it has been forever it seems since we've been there.
Congrats about coming to terms with Lulu's situation. Peter is poop! I'm very glad at least she'll have a lovely ring to show for it. Hopefully the pawn shop she visits will give her a good price for it. Hypothetically speaking, of course! Will we have the pleasure of Peter's company for Christmas? I'll have to start working on Jerome's manners now.
Speaking of Jerome, I seem to have found a way to keep the peace between us. It's not a new method. Just one that we, as women, hardly ever use. There are so many reasons I had been neglecting it. Sleep, for example. Also, it is very hard to look at your husband a certain way when all you can think are evil thoughts! Truly though why not give them their ten to fifteen minutes when it makes life so much more pleasant for us all? I'll let you know how long I can maintain the illusion of desire! Heck maybe it will actually become real. Hahahaha! That's poop!

Love and pleasantries, Hildi

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