Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hildi's help

I simply cannot apologize enough for my absence! However as I know you too have been sucked into those addictive books by Stephenie Meyer, I am willing to bet I'm forgiven! Holy crap Peter is a huge, stinking problem. No, murder( or thoughts of) is totally not the answer. He really does need counseling for his obsessive behavior. Not only with Lulu, but also the drinking. Would Lulu be opposed to that suggestion? If she suggested it to him and he refused, you could totally work the " if he loved you" angle. I really don't think there are many options for opening her eyes to the horrendous future he is signing her up for. Your Lulu is indeed very intelligent. The problem is she's seventeen. When your that age you are basically an adult, if only in the eyes of yourself and certain laws. She needs to feel that in the different aspects of her life; like job, car, relationships. Obviously Peter is not the right choice for an adult relationship, but he's what she knows. With life being wide open, unsheltered, and full of choices at this point, it's easy to see the need for a security blanket. Even one as offensive as Peter!! There is nothing you can do. You know it. This is up to Lulu to decide if she is woman enough to move into the great unknown without him. It will be lonely sometimes and really bleak, but the first time she does something without anyone (family or Peter) it will be the best feeling in the world. Until she has babies of course. That is beyond words. I realize this is not the sort of help you require, but short of doing something heinous, I'm at a loss.
LAUNDRY!!!! Omg! It never freakin ends! I will be doing laundry in hell, I just know it. I really think your family members should all be responsible for their own laundry. Hopefully someday I too will be there. Ha! POOP on drivers ed. They let terrible drivers on the road everyday. And the DMV keeps them there far after it's time for them to be in a home or care facility. Remember how many of grandpa's friends and neighbors had cars? And drove them?! Bah on drivers ed. Also bah on overpriced video games, electronic toys and barbie boats!! I swear by the time Christmas is over Hannah Montana will owe me money. Any hoo gotta go . Only have two chapters left in Breaking Dawn!!!!!

Love and vampires, Hildi

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  1. Ok first of all I read the entire Twilight series in 8 days!!!! I could not put those damn books down!


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