Saturday, November 8, 2008

Re: Re: Husbands


I remember that day! I always wondered what their video entailed. I should have realized that not only was I about to begin a life long war with my body, but also a love and hate relationship with males! Shame on Larry for dragging poor little Jethro into that foul category of thoughtless oafs! At least you still have Lulu! Boy, is she in for a long ride.
I spoke with mom and dad last night and they requested a Christmas list. Of course I told mom I would send it and I told dad I would e-mail it. Obviously they can't be the same! Well I must go for now as the dreaded mother-in-law will be picking up Patience for the movies. Yes you are right. How did you know Jerome is taking Prudence and running like hell before she gets here?

bad words,

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